What It Takes To Birth ‘Good Neeyat Wale Kids’ According To Cricketer Abdur Razzaq

After their loss in the ongoing series, Pakistani ex-cricketer made a comment - 'If you marry someone like Aishwarya Rai, you cannot be expected to have pious and good Neeyat wale children.'

Ex- Pakistani cricketer Abdur Razzaq recently talked about his team’s dismal performance at the World Cup tournament, in a public forum.

He mentioned that unlike earlier, the current team lacked Neeyat (good intentions). And then suddenly, totally out of context, he shot his comment, ‘If you marry someone like Aishwarya Rai, you cannot be expected to have pious and good Neeyat wale children.’

Like what? Where did this even come from?

But some thought, and I guess I could understand what he wished to convey.

One, only a Mother can decide how pious (whatever he meant) and good intentioned a child could be.

Two, That Mother definitely couldn’t be a strong, independent, famous and an immensely successful woman like Aishwarya Rai.

Regressive, distasteful, embarrassing

Call it whatever you wish, but what surprised me the most was, his comment was met with laughter and applause, from some other cricketers seated on the dias, and the audience.

Couldn’t the anchor or someone from the crowd have called out and interrupted the man? He should have apologized then and there, but unfortunately none of that happened.

Perhaps that goes to say, that all of them harboured the very same sentiments. Alas.

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Yes, Abdur Razzak and the other cricketers have been receiving lot of flak online, the two cricketers washed their hands off the incident, and Abdur Razzak himself has apologized, calling it a slip of his tongue.

But the damage has been done already

It’s the 21st century, these men are young and famous athletes who have represented their country at international level, but the mindset is still as backward as it can get.

At an event where he was supposed to discuss the performance of his country’s Mens’ Team, the man, for no reason, tried to character assassinate a woman, miles ahead of him in all aspects. And he unabashedly sat there with a smile on his face, while some others cheered.

Aishwarya or for that matter, any one else, Abdur Razzak’s statement I’m sure is a product of his jealousy for a woman making it big in a man’s world.  And I wonder where’s it’s still going wrong, I mean, Millenials or Gen Z, how do we tackle the patriarchy that’s etched so deep.

Meanwhile, Abdur Razzak and all those who clapped, I wonder whose Neeyat is actually questionable here.

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