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A Win For Women’s Individual Identity And Rights- Thank You Delhi High Court!

I’ve always heard about this situation ‘Writer’s Block’ from my friends but had never faced it myself. But now I realize that I was going through Writer’s Block for the last 2 months. I tried so much to write a blog, a poem, or quotes but somehow ended up with nothing. I remember once I wrote once that one should not force himself/herself to write during Writer’s Block, it’s ok to take a break and yes I applied the same on myself too.

Ok so that was a small explanation for my absence for the last two months but I also confess that I didn’t get something too inspiring or motivating that would force my fingers to break this block; thankfully a couple of days ago, I got one.

“A wife is not a mere appendage of her husband and retains her individual entity and natural right to pursue her dreams and aspirations to be financially independent or do meaningful social work, the Delhi High Court has said. Justice Najmi Waziri, while dealing with a petition by a landlord, challenging the dismissal of his plea by a lower court for eviction of his tenant, also said it cannot be assumed that the wife is subservient to her husband and is obliged to disclose to or share with her husband details of all her finances.”

Yes, the above news truly gave me the motivation to write once again, after almost 60 days. At times only a push is required, therefore I thanked Delhi High Court on the subject; first for the amazing verdict and second for giving me the much required push.

I really liked the two aspects that are highlighted by Justice Najmi

First, a wife has natural right to pursue her dreams and aspirations and second, a wife is not obliged to share with her husband details of all her finances.

I have always quoted in my previous blogs the importance of financial independence for a woman or being engaged in any activity. The quote,”khali dimaag shaitan ka ghar hota hai (an empty mind is the house of the devil)” is very appropriate, the more you are busy or engaged, the less you will get negative thoughts. Though it can’t be the same for everyone, it works specially for me.

With respect to the second opinion regarding the disclosure of financial details to husbands, I am sure we all have seen our mothers hiding money under clothes, in cereal boxes, rice boxes and in other unique places. Later I realized that it was their emergency  quota, so there is nothing bad in hiding details of finances, provided there should be no wrong intentions. Being a woman and a writer, it’s my responsibility to accept the mistakes made by women also. I know some women are wrong too, therefore I specifically mentioned my intentions.

Honestly, I feel so good to be back on track and to write on one of my favourite topics – Women’s Identity. Welcome back to me.

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