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women's rights
California To Outlaw Stealthing: A Man Taking Off Condom Mid Act, While Marital Rape Still Legal In India

California takes one small step for womankind, toward our gender being in control of their own bodies by putting up a bill to criminalise stealthing, a man taking off a condom mid act. 

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Kerala Catholic Church Offering Freebies To Have 5 Kids Or More Reduces Women To Wombs

From shaming women for choosing to be child-free (as trolling of movie Sara's showed) to offering freebies for 5 or more kids, Kerala's Catholic Church doesn't care for women's choice!

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India 28 Places Down On Global Gender Gap From Last Time And The Slide Continues
global gender gap 2021

The Global Gender Gap 2021 report shows that it has increased the past year, and may now take us more than a century to overcome it!

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Unmarried Women Also Covered By MTP (Amendment) Act 2021, Yet Is It Inclusive Enough?
MTP (Amendment) Act 2021

On 17th March 2021, The Medical Termination of Pregnancy - MTP (Amendment) Act 2021 came into being, after being introduced as a Bill in 2020. But is it really as progressive as it is made out to be?

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A Handy Resource List Of Online & Offline Support For Women In India, No Matter Who You Are
support for women

Very often, we want to help other women, but don’t know how. Here are a few online and offline resources that offer support for women in different contexts.

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How Millions Of Indian Women Benefited From 10 Court Rulings In 2020; And You Can Too!
women friendly rulings

Let us look at 10 women friendly rulings by various courts in the country in the year since the last Republic Day in 2020.

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