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shalini mullick

Shalini grows through her roles as mother and a doctor. She believes that both the noise and the silence lie within , and writing takes her towards silence.

Voice of shalini mullick

‘Lady Doctors’ Are The Norm Today, But Do We Know All These 6 Trailblazers?

The stories of the trailblazers in Kavitha Rao's book Lady Doctors: The Untold Stories of India's First Women in Medicine, and the challenges they triumphed over, need to find their rightful place in history.

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Women’s Day Just Went By, But Exactly Who Were All Those Forwarded Messages Talking About?

All genders will internalize these messages, as they have done for generations. They will become the benchmark for expectations by men, and standards to live up to for women.

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Tribhanga – A Nuanced Storytelling Of The Lives Of Women, By Women, For Women

Tribhanga literally means divided into three, and is about three generations of women, their strengths and flaws; their compulsions and choices; their triumphs and losses; and their difficult relationships. 

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Dear Survivor, Healing From Trauma May Feel Impossible, But One Day It Will Happen

But this moment is not forever. You have already taken the first steps towards the light. You have spoken up, called out the abuser, and begin to set your boundaries.

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How Many Perfect Moments Had She Missed While Trying To Create The Perfect Life?

"Maybe when we think she is daydreaming, is just her pausing to see the beauty in the routine, mundane things around her!"

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Unlock Diaries: Suddenly, It Felt Like The Many Hurried Getaways That I Would Plan Earlier…

I knew no one would understand why I needed to do this; and finally, I had stopped feeling guilty. I had one life to live, and I needed to do whatever brought me peace.

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Mistakes Are Not Full Stops, You Can Rewrite The Story Of Your Life!

Raima could see a younger version of herself in Arzoo. She'd been a broken girl once. Could she help Arzoo rewrite her life story?

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The Masks She Has Always Worn To Hide The Pain…

The mask she wears to hide her bruises, her pain, her distress from everyone, to hold up her head and go through life... can you not see it?

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Was There More Of Her Mother In Her Than She Had Thought?

It was her mother's lack of drive and ambition that was responsible for the limited canvas of her life, she had decided early on.

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COVID after lockdown
This Doctor Says That As The Lockdown Lifts, This Is The Only Prescription That Will Work

Lockdown is in unlock mode, but COVID-19 has not gone away; the cases are rising. What can we do to be safe? What do doctors say?

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myths about immunity to coronavirus
7 Myths About Your Immunity To Coronavirus That You Should Know Before Heading Outdoors

As we start moving towards a lifting of lockdown and potentially exposing ourselves to the infection, it becomes essential to examine these 7 myths about our immunity to coronavirus.

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Maybe Mothers Are The Only Ones Who Know Us Better Than Ourselves

I had been so caught up in my complex relationship with my father, which had been contentious even at the best of times, that I hadn’t realized how well she knew and understood me.

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As A Doctor On The Frontline For COVID-19, Here’s A Question I Want To Ask My Teachers Of Medicine

Most of my school friends were financially stable long before our education was done - we, doctors, have sacrificed that to save lives. And is this what we get?

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In This Lockdown I Am Just A Weary Girl, Standing Before My Refrigerator…

Me, I am just a girl, not little enough anymore to hope dinner will cook itself… and these thoughts swirl through my mind.

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Our Choices Make Life Beautiful, And I Couldn’t Have Picked Otherwise

It was her daughter, who had taught her to look for the beauty that was there, waiting to be found amidst the misery that seemed to surround them both.

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On Kanjak Pooja, A Few Of Us Decided To Re-Think How We Celebrate Such Festivals

All of us missed having these girls over for the festival, but was this feeling more for them, or for our rituals which we felt had been incomplete?

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how to stay safe
You Clapped For Us; Now As A Doctor I Beg You To Do This For Yourself & Everyone

To all my fellow human beings, especially privileged ones like myself, please read what I have to say. This is war, and needs to be treated as one.

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You Heard Their Voice In Faraway America, Didn’t You?

Anne was puzzled; almost disappointed. From the media reports, she had expected loud protests, speeches booming and thunderous rebellion, with leaders and motivators.

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Book Review: Against The Wind, A Life’s Journey By Rajni Kumar

Whenever faced with difficult circumstances, in her personal or professional life, she has always taken the path less travelled and stood by her principles, even if it meant standing alone.

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She Lost Her Husband & His Sister To His Ego, But Could Their Sisterhood Now Save Them?

His rebellion hadn’t gone down well with his father and conflict had soon escalated into a family feud, with even her sister in law being called upon to intervene, and things had gone completely out of hand.

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Would This Reminder Of That Innocent Day Never Leave Her?

Even if she floundered, she needed to know she had failed on her terms, after doing the best she could.

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It Isn’t My Fault I Have AIDS! Why Should I Hide?

Initially she had found it depressing, but gradually she realized the difference that the clinic was making in the lives of the patients, many of whom were women.

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Why Being Radha Is Not The Same As Being Any Other Goddess In Our Mythologies

What do we know of Radha, her emotions, her thoughts, her convictions as a woman? Tripti Sharan's Being Radha addresses some of these questions.

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What If New Year Resolutions Are Not As Hyped As You Thought They Were?

I realise that resolutions aren’t as overrated as they appear. May be I looked at it all wrong. What if the resolutions are a way of self love and care?

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The Person Who Needs To Know Your Inner Story The Most Is YOU

The women had found the courage to voice their stories, had found themselves and in themselves found peace.

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Cosmetics, Motor Grease, And War Paint, Are All A Woman’s Weapons!

This world was such a contrast from her restrictive, often oppressive life that she enjoyed the release it offered tremendously. The thrill seemed to be an outlet for her.

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Wife, Daughter, Daughter-in-Law… I’ve Blessed You With Many Laxmis, But You Discard Them All!

Tell me Gupta ji, when you reject and discard all the myriad forms of Laxmi that I bring you, why do you do this Laxmi Pooja every year? And humiliate me, and them, year after year, day after day?"

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Wasn’t It Her Life, Her Body, And Her Choice To Make?

Should love and marriage be based on mutual respect and understanding or on thoughts like obey and control? If the roles were reversed, would he have asked her for permission?

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Noise Within But Silence Without: Why, Papa?

As the years passed, she became old enough to feel the pain of his rejection, but was still young enough to believe that she could perhaps change his responses to her.

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