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domestic violence
Wah! A Woman Quietly Suffering Domestic Abuse Is Good, But A Woman Who Fights Back Is Characterless?!

So it is ok for the girl to suffer at the hands of her husband, but her family shouldn't help, fearing what will SOCIETY say?

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US NRI Community Disowned Tanya Momi After Leaving An Abusive Marriage, But She Rose Above All That
Tanya Momi

Parents, religion, or society have not taught Indian women how to get out of the patriarchal setup. "We are taught to 'fit in' in society and serve others," Tanya Momi says. "We try to look good for our parents, family, and in the process, lose ourselves."

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If You’re In A Relationship With A Man With No Social Media Accounts, RUN NOW!

If I hadn't been cautious as a teenager I might have forgiven myself, but I was 25 when this happened, and it just makes it harder for me to accept it.

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Sometimes I Wonder If My Marriage Is Just Another TV Saga Or Real Horror Happening To Me!

My husband and his family was informed by my parents in the morning that I had been admitted in the hospital, but they didn't come there until the night.

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‘Do You Expect Me To Keep Quiet If You Hit?’ I Asked My Husband The 1st Time He Threatened Me

The threat of occasionally getting a beating or two for mistakes looms over every married woman’s head. It can just happen, anywhere, any day, anytime.

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Poonam Pandey On Her Abusive Relationship: It Took Me 4 Yrs To Call The Police On Him!

It's a classic case of abuse, where your abuser first makes you believe that no one will love you, but them. And that you are not worth anything if they move away.

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