No, Your ‘Man Beaten By Wife’ Meme Is Not “Hilarious”

Posted: June 10, 2017

No, domestic violence is never funny, whoever is at the receiving end. If you’re making these memes, you’re probably not that funny either.

Over the last week, I see memes and posts about women hitting men going around and about “how hilarious” it is to get hit by your wife. There are two ways to look at this and both bother me to no end.


Just one of the many not funny memes floating around on Facebook

The first way (and I don’t regret saying it) is that these are again nonsensical ways to create the stereotypical images of the MONSTER WOMAN. Once you’re married, life is over because that lady is going to anyway make your life miserable.

Another is that these reinforce the idea that men need to wear this mask that says “I am always strong” and “Nothing can affect me.”

If you think a woman hitting a man is funny, think again. I’ve been an unfortunate witness to such abuse and have also seen the man not even defend himself because it is “wrong” to hit a woman. Any kind of abuse sends chills down your spine and this kind where you’re emotionally manipulated not even to defend yourself is terrible.

The next time you want to “laugh” or “brush it off” because…what kind of a man gets hit by his wife or a woman and stays silent? The answer is…it could be any kind of a man in any kind of abusive relationship.

And he needs help. Pretty much it. And no, this isn’t your invitation to “See, men get abused too..” Men get abused. That’s it.

Top image via Pixabay

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