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Nandhitha Hariharan is a writer with a love for anything that is pretty or covered in chocolate. When she is not giving unwarranted advice in the form of her blogs, she likes to read, cook or travel!

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Why Does Vairamuthu Who Is Accused Of Sexual Harassment Get To Pontificate On It?

Tamil film lyricist Vairamuthu has been accused of sexual harassment by multiple women - yet, TV channels continue to give him a platform.

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Chief Empathy Officer
Trishala, Chief ‘Empathy’ Officer At Periferry, Speaks Of Building Inclusive Workspaces

A recent chat with Trishala, the Chief Empathy Officer of Periferry, which aims to build inclusive workspaces, was an education on inclusiveness and beyond. 

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Mani Ratnam’s Chekka Chivantha Vaanam Hides Its Women In The Shadows Of Men

Noted Director Mani Ratnam's recent movie Chekka Chivantha Vaanam features many women indeed but does injustice to them as well-fleshed characters, writes Nandhitha Hariharan. 

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Kaala Is An Important Movie: It Makes Us Rethink What Our Feminism Is

Kaala will always make the news because of Rajinikanth's presence, but there is more to it than that. Here's a look at its women, and how they question both caste and gender oppression.

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privacy in mental health
My Psychiatrist Breached My Right To Privacy & Consent Even Though I Am An Adult

Privacy in mental health in India is almost non-existent - my psychiatrist shared my details with my mother without my consent, even though I am an adult!

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cyber sex abuse
I Am A Survivor Of Cyber Sex Abuse In My Childhood, And This Is My Story

A survivor of cyber sex abuse as a child can be traumatised so badly, that the effects can last forever ... a hair raising personal story.

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marriage and sex
Dear Amma, I Need To Talk About The Place Of Marriage And Sexual Desire In Our Lives

An open letter by a young woman to her mother, speaking about marriage and sexual desire, and how the two are intertwined, yes, even for women!

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No, Your ‘Man Beaten By Wife’ Meme Is Not “Hilarious”

No, domestic violence is never funny, whoever is at the receiving end. If you're making these memes, you're probably not that funny either.

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What Every Woman Can Learn From Jayalalithaa

With the passing of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J. Jayalalithaa, whatever your political affiliations may be, we have lost a woman of rare courage and grit.

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Why Safe Sex Is About A Lot More Than Condoms, Pregnancy, Or Infection!

The real definition of safe sex should comprise not just the use of condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies and infections, but also the emotional safety of women.

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What You Should Know About Therapy That Dear Zindagi Doesn’t Tell You

Dear Zindagi scores high marks for an excellent female lead in a powerful role, but here's what you should know about therapy in reality.

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So – How Do You Define A SLUT?

Society has double standards for women. On the one hand the need to live up to beauty standards, and on the other hand labeling her a slut for her choices.

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Good Father Of A Daughter; Are You A Good Man Too?

When a man becomes the father of a daughter, he is often a completely different person from what he was to women before!

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Newsflash! The Loss Of Virginity Does Not Make A Woman A Slut!

Teach young men and women that a woman's self worth is not based on a piece of tissue - that the loss of virginity does not make a woman a slut.

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Sharada Subramanian Writes Soft Erotica And Is Unapologetic about It

Sharada Subramanian a.k.a. Sharada Vijay does not mince her words either when she writes or speaks. Meet this author of Make it 2.

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Dating. What Does It Mean To You As A Young Woman In Today’s World?

What does 'dating' mean in today's world? Is it about having someone to hang out with, or to search for a life partner? Here are the Ins and Outs for those who would like to set out on this slippery slope.

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This Is Why One Should Travel: You Might Know, What Home Is

There are many reasons why one should travel. May the most important one still remains that it changes you, for better.

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The Beauty Illusion: Of Plastic Surgery And Beauty Products

Beauty, they say is skin deep. Is that why many women today get plastic surgery done that can fix the problem from within?

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A World For My Daughter

We all dream for a better world for our little ones. Read this beautiful post in which a mother is wishing for a fair world for her daughter.

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In Pursuit Of The Non-existent Normal

Many people still believe that homosexuality is 'abnormal', but we forget that the definition of normal changes with time, and for each person.

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Guess What? Women Enjoy Sex, Too!

Indian society shies away from discussing women and sexuality, keeping women unaware and ashamed of their bodies. Embrace your sexuality, says this post.

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What No One Tells You About Travelling Alone

Everybody tells you that travelling alone is one sure-fire way to discover yourself. It's not all that peachy, but it's still very worth it, says this post.

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Slut? Who, Me?

The sex lives of women and slut-shaming often go hand-in-hand. Stand up for yourself, says this post.

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The Day After You [Story]

Each one of us has fallen for the unattainable, at least once in our lives. Here's a story that captures the heady feeling.

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Crime against women
A Country That Cannot Protect Women

Why can India not protect its women? The recent spate of excuses for rape are ridiculous and must be quashed ruthlessly.

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Lyrical Travesty: The Continuing Saga Of Sexist Tamil Music

Sexist Tamil music is ruling the airwaves - Hiphop Tamizha is no exception even as it uses feminist poet Bharatiyar as an icon!

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Cultured Much?

Moral policing and the insistence on an unchanging Indian culture only shows our superficial understanding of culture!

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Women break olympic barriers
6 Olympic Barriers Women Have Broken

Equality in sport may not exist yet, but women breaking Olympic barriers is certainly inspiring for all women in sport!

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Beauty is skin deep?
Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Does It Matter After All?

Beauty is skin deep, we all know. Yet, the constant talk of celebrity nose jobs and weight loss tips makes us all crave perfection!

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