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This Is Why One Should Travel: You Might Know, What Home Is

There are many reasons why one should travel. May the most important one still remains that it changes you, for better.

There are many reasons why one should travel. May the most important one still remains that it changes you, for better.


Travel because cupcakes don’t taste the same everywhere. The smell of roasted pork or chicken with lemon grass. Peanut butter shakes that freeze in your palms and donuts that melt in your mouth.The fragrance of jasmine rice topped with a beautiful green curry. Sample the best dumplings in the world and still miss home a little bit.


Travel because that is the only way you will learn a million things about this world only to unlearn it all the very next time you go to another place. People kissing each other on the middle of the roads. Women covering their heads because it is religious. Roads that are smarter than most houses in the country where you come from.


Travel because you will find yourself in places you did not even know existed. You will catch the resilient woman you never know existed within you when you lose yourself in a swarming market. Say hello to the vulnerable girl inside you when the slightest scent of something that smells like home brings a drop of tear to your eyes.


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Travel because that is one way you will meet people from all over the world. Be surprised at the way how one language can sound so different in all their tongues and how one thought can be like the light that enters a prism and instead comes out as a rainbow of perceptions!


Travel because beer tastes much better when sipped a few thousand miles away from your local watering hole. Talk to a girl from some other part of the world over a beer and a cigarette if you like and realize that despite never having met each other before, you both like fashion and Jane Austen. Travel makes you realize that somewhere, someone you don’t even know is believing in things that you love.


Travel because that is the only way you will grasp how different we all are. Let the shock value of the differences only caress you because it won’t last long enough. Meet people from all over the world and give yourself a chance to smile over the same things. And if possible, give yourself a chance to cry over the same things because that is when you realize we are all essentially the same.


Travel because when everyone you know at home tells you that the darkness is too much to bear, you can tell them that there is still sunshine left in one side of the world.


Travel because it re-defines the word “home”. Find home when a stranger helps you with directions. Find home when a fellow traveler helps you with your bags. Find home when the roommate you just met gives you a hug at the end of a tiring day.


Travel because it helps you judge less and love more. Having learnt all your life that you can love only things which you understand, unlearn as you travel the world. Love people, cultures and ways of life that you simply can’t understand.


Travel because it teaches you to expose yourself to things that you would otherwise protect yourself from. Whether it is holding a piece of paper so carefully in your bag because it is all that there is to validate your identity or falling in love with a boy you know you cannot have, travel makes you a little more human with a stroke of vulnerability.


Travel because every new place shows you a new side to yourself. Travel because you meet new people who introduce you to yourself.

And travel because you need to know that cupcakes don’t taste the same everywhere.

But when you do taste cupcakes in any corner of the world and let the sugar melt in your mouth just the way you would back at home, you would know that it really is just one small world after all.

Travel. Because that is the only way you will realize that every place is home if only you let it be.

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