A Quick Chat With Aadithya Jayaseelan, The Fingers Behind The Mind-blowing Art Kayamai On Insta

Aadithya Jayaseelan is a 23 year old artist in the Fauvian style, who uses her art to illustrate the minds of the women she knows.

Aadithya Jayaseelan is a 23 year old artist in the Fauvian style, who uses her brilliant, unapologetic art to illustrate the minds and lives of the women.

“I like anything that is created out of passion, pain, and emotion. I believe art is a form of expression,” says the woman behind Art Kayamai, Aadithya Jayaseelan. 

If you have not seen her work, it is hard to understand what I am trying to describe because, indeed, her art does best at explaining who she is.

Aadithya Jayaseelan’s paintings are bold, evocative, and, at the same time, grounded and real. The artist wears multiple hats – of a painter, a teacher, an art therapist, and so much more. She was also responsible for curating artists at the TEDx Chennai that was run completely by a transgender crew.

When asked about her experiences of working with a transgender crew, she says, “Once you offer mutual love and respect, the experience is bountiful!”

While Aadithya Jayaseelan’s work is inspired by the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh and the art that came from his disturbed mind, the artist says she also draws strength and inspiration from her family.

Here’s a chat with her.

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1) How did you start painting? Take me through the beginning of this journey.

Painting has been in our evolutionary DNA. I started scribbling and drawing when I was a kid. I began to doodle more in high school. I always loved a plain canvas and some colour. It made me happy. As an adult, it was one of the most natural choices I made to become a painter and make this my life’s purpose.

2) What kind of paintings are you fond of? What techniques or methods are close to your heart?

This is a difficult question to answer! I won’t answer by defining a painting or saying what method of painting I like. I like anything that is created out of passion, pain, and emotion.

I believe art is a form of expression. But, figured my style is more of Fauvism.

3) A lot of your work revolves around women – tell us more about this?

I like to paint me a depiction of me that is related or relatable to another woman.

My work revolves around women because there are so many things, we wish to hide because of the society we live in. Despite being sexually abused many times through my 23 years of existence, I never spoke about it. Instead, art became the medium through which I show my anger and pain and emote.

I am not afraid anymore to tell anyone my story – why should I hide it? I also believe a woman should voice her thoughts loudly. I want to be that bridge for the women in our society.

I think everyone has a story, and we should allow ourselves to listen. If my art can facilitate telling their stories to the best of my abilities, I consider that the greatest gift.

4) What are the struggles and joys of being a full-time artist?

Being broke is one of the perks for any budding artist. The passion is what drives me. Meeting like-minded, talented, or people with just untold stories, is a gift being in the art community. Isn’t it wonderful that even the awkward moments and the struggles that are found in art is ultimately about joy?

Images source: Art_Kayamai / Aadithya Jayaseelan

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