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From Her Ashes She Arose

She had been abused, left to her fate, written off. But he had reckoned without her inner strength, and the strength that a sisterhood could give her to rise... again!

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Time We Said NO To A Selfish Society That Expects Us To Say Yes To Its Demands!

As women we give in too much, and say yes just because it's expected of us. Oh, sacrifice! But you only live once, and it's time we stop.

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Do You Know About This Astonishing Range Of Feminism In Literature; Past, Present, & Future?
feminism in literature

Feminism in literature has only grown in strength, from its inception in the works of the earliest female writers. Looking ahead, across genres, the future is feminist.

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Major Parties Have Declared Election Manifestos For 2019. How Do Women’s Issues Really Fare?
provisions for women in the 2019 elections

Indian women are used to getting empty promises, but are we willing to sit quietly without significant provisions for women in the 2019 elections (and no guarantee of a follow-through)? Let's take a look at what the parties offer.

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Dr Sabyn Javeri: The Price Of Being A Strong Woman In Our Society
Dr Sabyn Javeri

"To be a strong woman, you must know how to juggle multiple balls in the air," says Dr Sabyn Javeri in this hard-hitting satire on expectations from women who won't bow to an all-pervading patriarchy around them.

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How’s The Josh! 7 Badass Women Achievers Who Grew Up As Defence Kids Are Slaying It!
army kids

Meet these path-breaking women who grew up as army kids, but chose to tread unfamiliar paths; not stopping at that but really aced their game and become super achievers.

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