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is hijab a choice
The Hijab Can Only Be A “Choice” If Women In Iran Are Also Given It!

The hijab is considered a 'choice' in most of the west, and celebrated as such. But is it really a choice until it is mandatory for Muslim women in many other parts of the world?

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Why Stand-Up Comic Neeti Palta Is A Great Reason To Watch Comicstaan Season 2

Comicstaan season 2 has not only been inclusive on representation of women, but has also highlighted issues that matter, including sexual harassment. 

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Dancing My Troubles Away In This Sunset

Soaking in the sunset, letting the sounds and sights swirl around her, willing the sun to pause right there while she dances her troubles away...

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A Woman Needs It Too; Why Should Her Sexual Desires Be Hush-Hush?

Why are a woman's sexual desires or needs be spoken of in hushed tones? Why can't a woman openly say that her physical needs have to be gratified?

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Women Members Being Ignored In Society Meetings Is Nothing New, Especially In Haryana!

My experience as a committee member of the society I reside at in Haryana drove me to begin a petition to begin gender sensitisation in schools.

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6 Spoken Word Poets; Feisty Women Who Challenge Society’s Expectations From Women
spoken word poets

Spoken word poetry is becoming more and more common in India and around the world today, especially with women who wish to make a stand against the expectations set upon them by society.

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