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Translating Women’s Writing Opens Up A Much Needed Window Into Their Lives, Otherwise Silenced

More accessible translations of women's writing in Indian languages help us understand the lives of women to whom we need to pass the mic instead of speaking over them.

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Dear ‘Invisible’ Woman, Speak Up And Don’t Let Others Silence You…
invisible woman

Your choices matter. Your opinions count. Your words have meaning. Speak up. Don't pick the one that makes you invisible to others. 

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Fewer Historical Role Models For Our Girls From Art & Culture As Women’s Voices Were Erased

So much of what we know of history from the lens of art and culture is through the male perspective, because women were not allowed social appearances, or credited for their talent.

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Angry Women Are ‘Nasty Women’ Because How DARE A Woman Express Her Anger Publicly!
angry women

There is deep discomfort with angry women because letting women feel and say what they want to can challenge the status quo.

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Meet 7 Inspiring Older Instagram Influencers Who Prove That Age Is Just A Number
older instagram influencers

Today, World Senior Citizen Day, here are 7 older Instagram influencers, women who prove that age is no barrier to follow your passion and influence people. 

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‘Mard Ko Dard Hoga’: With This Tagline, Churails Tells The Stories Of Women Who Refuse To Be Meek

She is not the ‘sanskaari’ the usual ‘abla naari’, she is fierce, dominant, fearless and unstoppable for a change. She is infact a revolution. 

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