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women's voices
voice of Muslim women
Why Is The Voice Of Muslim Women Not Heard In Discussions Trying To ‘Rescue’ Them?

In discussion about the 'oppression' of Muslim women and what should be done, why is the voice of Muslim women not heard the the do-gooders? 

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The World Ignores Women Of A Certain Age, But This Homemaker In Photo Prem Isn’t Having It
Photo Prem

Veteran Marathi film actor Neena Kulkarni dazzles in Photo Prem, bringing alive a middle aged housewife who refuses to remain invisible, or be forgotten.

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Searching For Sheela: How The World Is Unable To Understand Unapologetic Women
Searching for Sheela

Unable to digest an unapologetic woman who won’t fit herself into neat boxes, we're so conditioned to the trope of the 'repentant fallen woman' that allowing women to be all parts of themselves is rarely accepted.

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Does It Mean I Need A Man With Me Every Time To Get Good Service?

Men often receive better quality of service and are more 'respected' than women in public spaces. It has happened for a long time and it’s no longer acceptable.

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India 28 Places Down On Global Gender Gap From Last Time And The Slide Continues
global gender gap 2021

The Global Gender Gap 2021 report shows that it has increased the past year, and may now take us more than a century to overcome it!

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Netflix Telugu Anthology Pitta Kathalu: Stories That ‘Morally Grey’ Women Make Their Own
Pitta Kathalu

Released amidst hype for being Netflix’s first Telugu original film, Pitta Kathalu (Short Stories) is all about women taking control of their narratives.

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