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The Blue Towel Vs The Pink Towel

Posted: December 27, 2018

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The author gives the analogy of blue and pink towels to depict the patriarchal society and its ways.

This is about an everyday scenario at almost every household. It has become our second nature, to make way for the man, but to not show any empathy for the woman. Can this change, or should it change- the question remains.

There it lay in its cupboard, alone but strong, not to be dumped under a pile of clothes. It had its own place in the cupboard. No one could move it, no one could crease it and no one dared to, too. It was deep dark blue in color and character and its texture was powerful enough to dry a wet body in seconds.

The blue towel had a candor that all the other towels yearned for. They would wait for the blue towel’s turn to dry following which they would hustle to hang next to it, swaying to the wind and drying themselves while being ecstatic at the opportunity to be placed alongside it. They felt validated just hanging next to it. That blue towel was running a government in the household.

Every few days the blue towel would get a chance to be washed in the machine. Not that the others didn’t, but it was more privileged. It got served with utmost care. The other towels which were now worn out would make way for the blue towel every day. The blue towel was a the family heirloom that would pass from one generation to another depending on how much it succeeded to retain its color.

Then one day among these towels entered a pink towel, which was small, but in no way less. It had its own distinct color and quality. It was bright, shining and claiming its place on the line but never once dwindling under the shadow of the blue one. The pink towel took its own decisions, fought its own journeys to be washed in the machine even when it was parked aside to make way for its counterpart. Even though these two were partners in crime and had embarked upon a journey together, they figured that it was hardly in their control as to when they could be stacked together.

The other towels always got in their way and made things a tad bit messy. It’s strange how the circle of life is, every few years the same situations happen with different counterparts and yet the perspective never changes. Every few years a blue towel emerges to take the reins in its stride while other towels gradually step aside and make way for it. The pink towel enters only to realize that it was brought in only to facilitate. While the pink towel struggles and goes through small wars of its own to secure its place in the pile, it perpetrates the very traditions across the generation that it fought so hard against.

The pink towel came, in full glory, adamant to let go off what was its own. But unfortunately, it does not value its own journey and struggle enough to make way for a entrant after a few generations. The old pink towel still ensures that the new blue towel is privileged, based on its color and type even if it isn’t hard earned.

Ironic as it may seem, the old pink towel too favors the new blue towel while it fought the notions of its own counterpart. The old pink towel works only for its own survival, but not for its successor who embarks on the same journey as it does.

Every household has a story, but perhaps its time to change the colors.

Image Source: Pexels

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