Tech, Set, Go! 10 Women Tech Bloggers In India With Answers For All Your Tech Problems

Women in tech is a category that has abysmal numbers. But these women of India who are tech bloggers have busted that stereotype, and how - go to their blogs for any tech related issues you may have.

Women in tech is a category that has abysmal numbers. But these women of India who are tech bloggers have busted that stereotype, and how – go to their blogs for any tech related issues you may have.

I type ‘women in tech’ in Google, and the results are compelling as well as appalling.

For a long time now, women are made to believe that they are not suited for anything intelligent. They are made scapegoats under the garb of perceived liability, and made to believe that having a job is their privilege and not otherwise. But there are exceptions to every rule and how.

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This recent article shows some shocking statistics about the situation of women in science and engineering. But there is a silver lining and it is growing positively as we speak.

A lot of women have combated the social pressures and also broken the norms of how women are perceived in the society. They have successfully made a place for themselves in all fields and especially in technology. What’s better is that among most countries, India ranks the highest in the female presence at workplace in the technology sector; we have some excellent brains among the women working in technology, and some are tech bloggers, sharing their knowledge with others.

We have here a list of successful female tech bloggers who have broken barriers and changed the gender ratio in the tech field. Take a look:

Jane Sheeba

Scientist and a PhD at that, Jane Sheeba is an expert in technical areas, and specific to a lot of niche content as well as a tech blogger. She runs the blogs at JaneSheeba and BestHostingAndDesign.

Jane Sheeba is no ordinary tech blogger. She handles 10 blogs on niche topics which are mainly technical and mainly about blogging. But her range is impressive and worth learning a lot from. Here’s a tech blogger who has abundant information to share and can literally hold your hand through a lot of how-tos and self-published courses and ebooks to get you through.

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Nirmala Santhakumar

It’s always resourceful when you have definitive lists for the tech tools or any kind of information you use.

Nirmala is a self–learner, and her story about how she became a tech blogger through her love for writing is really inspiring. Her blog MyMagicFundas is an extension of her personality and all things that interest her. It’s a crisp tech blog with very useful information on ticks and trips and tech tools. Do check out and also learn the art of SEO and blogging.

Lasya K Elizabeth

AdSense Goddess is what Lasya is popularly known as.

Lasya’s blog AllTop9 is a bible on understanding Google AdSense, iOS, Android tips and tricks and all things techy. Lasya is truly a dark horse, and a tech blogger showcasing a lot of interesting information about a range of topics from AdSense How to, to SEO, to OnePlus6 tips to Windows tips and tricks, and many more. The range is impressive and pretty complete as a package.

Savita Singh

One person donning many hats and with equal aplomb is Savita Singh.

Savita’s work cannot be encapsulated in a single word, leave alone in one go. She is an MBA-HR from Delhi, working with an advertising agency, freelance content writer, founder of the blog ComputerGeek, fashion and lifestyle blogger along with being one of the top tech bloggers, and so much more. She writes in great detail about technology, Social media branding, blogging, SEO and lot more.

The blog has been going strong since 2013 and carries a lot of relevant information keep abreast with the latest technology trends. Take a look.

Jyoti Chauhan

One of the most well known tech bloggers in this list, Jyoti has been extremely active in the field of blogging. Her blog UpdateLand is a testimony to her skills and shows how passionate she is about it.

Jyoti Chauhan focuses on a lot of niche content related to blogging, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, SEO and other tool reviews. Also a collaborator at heart her blog features guest posts and other fellow bloggers’ achievements. It’s a great mix of content put out very aesthetically. Loads to learn from this pioneer and her large base of readers are proof.

Debshika Banerjee

Debshika is an all-rounder in blogging and in other spheres of life as well. Her blog iGadgetWoman is an extension of her curiosity about technology. She articulates with great interest her detailed reviews about tech gadgets mainly mobiles and smartphones, Android and lots more.

Debshika is also a freelance writer and an avid yoga enthusiast. Kudos to her and take a look at her blog.

Nisha Pandey

Nisha Pandey runs a most resourceful blog on SEO, SEOTechyWorld. Hers is a story just like most working women taking a motherhood break, but what differs is her passion to write, and channelizing her knowledge into the passion for creating her blog.

An SEO expert by profession, Nisha had to let go of her career due to motherhood. But what kept her going was her passion to write and that led to the birth of the blog. She would fix a few hours at night after her baby was asleep and would collate useful information about SEO to create the content. Thanks to her we now have the best go-to site if we ever need any information on SEO.

Sonam Asrani

As simple as Sonam is in her outlook, this quality also extends to her blog MicrozonePlus.

An engineer by profession who had several restrictions to work in the private sector, Sonam challenged her struggles and pursued her passion. Her passion for writing and technology pushed her to become one of our top tech bloggers. She stays true to her qualifications, and her interest of writing in technology, with lucid writing and easy to understand content.

Moumita Ghosh

Another fun and interesting  blog is Moumita’s WebsiteAndTechnology. This blog is also a fun interesting mix of gadget reviews, product reviews, interviews and tech news and so much more. It’s a vibe that instantly catches on and fun to read and learn from the blog. Hop on and gain some.

Bhumi Shah

She is the chota packet of this list, or as one would say the dynamite. Bhumi’s demeanor and vibe is so astonishing, until you discover her through her blog TheCreativeDev. You can see her totally unleashed here and exploded with absolutely delightful content.

A developer at heart, Bhumi dons many hats toggling between being a software analyst in a software firm, as well as running her startup blog as a web developer and designer. She loves web designing and programming including various frameworks such PHP, WordPress, AngularJS, JQuery etc.

So this list is a great go–to for any information on technological stuff. And these women have just unleashed themselves. Let’s hope to be an audience to their genius and witness their advent on the tech block.

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