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disadvantages of chatGPT
6 Disadvantages Of ChatGPT We Should Know

Everything has its own pros and cons. In fact, sometimes that list becomes the deciding factor. Here are 6 disadvantages of ChatGPT.

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10 Women In The Field Of Coding And Innovation
10 Women In The Field Of Coding And Innovation

Women in the field of coding and innovation have shaped technological trends for decades. Here are 10 women who are acing this industry!

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Tech, Set, Go! 10 Women Tech Bloggers In India With Answers For All Your Tech Problems
women tech bloggers

Women in tech is a category that has abysmal numbers. But these women of India who are tech bloggers have busted that stereotype, and how - go to their blogs for any tech related issues you may have.

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Who Rules Cyberspace?

Women have often been branded as being weak with technology. Now, they're being shouted down on the internet, too. Who rules cyberspace, and why? This post investigates.

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