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MOM series by ALTBalaji
ALTBalaji Series M-O-M About Mission Mangal Refuses To Box Its Female Characters Into Stereotypes

ALTBalaji’s latest offering, a fictionalized version of the Mangalyaan project, features female characters who are real, flawed, vulnerable, and triumphant.

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For Women’s History Month 2019, Celebrating 19 Inspiring Women Innovators Around The World!
women innovators around the world

Women around the world are finding creative solutions to problems facing the world today, and are breaking stereotypes while they do it.

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Sooinn Lee Created Apps For Her Autistic Son; Now A Boon To Many Children Around The World

Sooinn Lee began creating iPad apps for her son who has autism, and these are helping not only children with learning disabilities, but also children in underserved communities.

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Nga Tuyet Trang’s Tech Innovation is Saving Millions Of Vietnam’s Babies

By co-founding MTTS, Nga Tuyet Trang is bringing life-saving technology to Vietnamese hospitals, allowing them to reduce infant mortality.

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When A Whole Tribe Of Women Engineers Inspire Generations Of Girls In STEM
roots and wings Shantha Mohan

Shantha Mohan's book Roots And Wings assembles a ready reckoner of 35 women Engineers graduating from the same institute between 1943 and 1971, a veritable treasury for inspiration in STEM careers.

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This Innovator Designed Affordable Eye Glasses From Recycled Plastic For Uganda’s Poor
Brenda Katwesigye

Brenda Katwesigye has developed a virtual reality mobile app that can perform eye testing. Her company, Wazi Vision, also makes affordable eye glasses made of recycled plastic.

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