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Aruna Menon
I Did My MBBS & MD Through Marriage, Pregnancy, Kids… And They’re Proud Of Me!

A go getter who took marriage, pregnancy, and childcare in her stride as she did two professional degrees, and a fulfilling career as a gynaecologist, while also being a single mom most of the time as an army wife, this mom is inspiring!

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Bravo, Maneesha & Saloni – Hope Your Breakthrough Cures Blood Cancer In The Near Future
blood cancer cure

Two Bengaluru women have made a breakthrough in the search for a blood cancer cure, and this could mean a hope in the near future for those who suffer.

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For Women’s History Month 2019, Celebrating 19 Inspiring Women Innovators Around The World!
women innovators around the world

Women around the world are finding creative solutions to problems facing the world today, and are breaking stereotypes while they do it.

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Sarah Toumi Is Taking On The Sahara Desert In Tunisia With Acacia Trees To Reduce Erosion
Sarah Toumi

To combat the effects of desertification in her home country, Tunisia, Sarah Toumi came up with the innovative solution of planting acacia trees and employing sustainable farming practices. In the process, she is also empowering women in the region.

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Thato Kgatlhanye’s Amazing Invention Helps Disadvantaged Kids Of South Africa Get An Education
Thato Kgatlhanye

The solar powered schoolbag invented by Thato Kgatlhanye is giving dignity to school children of South Africa, and helping them study better.

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Plastic That Composts Like Orange Peel? This Israeli Innovator Has Made This Dream Come True
Daphna Nissenbaum

“Plastic that turns into compost. It’s a beautiful thing,” says Daphna Nissenbaum from Israel, who has “hacked plastic” by creating an alternative to single use plastic packaging.

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