On International Women’s Day. it’s time to ask if we’ve really taken enough steps ahead. Read some thought-provoking pieces here!
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Don’t Take Life Too Seriously & 9 Other Life Lessons For My Younger Self

Have you ever wondered if you could give advice to your younger self? What would you say? Here are 10 things I'd tell my younger self!

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‘Don’t You Have Friends?’ Stop The New Triggering Ads, Spotify; They Make Me Sad
spotify ad

Spotify India, your new ads are borderline insulting to the listener, and triggering for those like me who use music as an escape from day to day loneliness...

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Why Do Some Women Become Judgemental & Toxic Post Marriage?

After her wedding, a usually liberal cousin of mine seemed to have become incredibly judgemental. Here are my thoughts on this behaviour.

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A Woman Who Dreams… Is Always The One Who Brings In The Winds Of Change

Patriarchy has limited women's dreams to maintaining peace in their surroundings, glorifying them as epitome of sacrifice. But what happens when a woman transgresses, lives for herself?

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I Lost Years To Horrific Cyberbullying, But Then Was Gaslighted That It Was ‘Normal’?!

Some messages mentioned that I’ve been a bad girl for rejecting people’s advances, and that I should be punished through the violation of my body, that should be recorded and put up on the internet to destroy my life.

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It Takes 2 To Make A Baby, So Stop Blaming Only Women For Infertility!
Male Infertility

Watching the recent PregaNews ad made me wonder about the taboo of male infertility. Let me tell you more about male and female infertility.

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