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“We spent a lot on our daughter’s wedding so she won’t get any property”!! But how much did she get in the wedding??
‘We Spent A Lot On Our Daughter’s Wedding So No Share In Property’ But Did SHE Get The Money?!

Wedding expenses are just the money spent on a “party thrown for nosy relatives and friends”, often without your consent/knowledge/awareness. What stays in your hands as the daughter?

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How To Choose A Good Match When I’m Told ‘Men Are Like That Only’?

What should a woman like me do, who wants to work, get a PhD, yet also get married, have kids, have a husband. Am I asking too much?

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10 Challenges A Career Oriented Indian Woman Certainly Faces At Some Time
Hey Ladies, are you doing what you dream of doing? Or are you just looking back?

By incorporating discussions and lessons about the challenges and experiences of women on career breaks, the education system can foster greater awareness and empathy among students, leading to more inclusive attitudes and behaviours.

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Let’s Empower Our Women To Break Their Silence And Speak Up

Imagine a world where women are encouraged to express their thoughts and ideas freely, irrespective of their wealth or status.

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5 Life Lessons From My 40 Years Of Life As A Woman

As you age, you will realise it is difficult being a woman with a voice in this world. While times are changing and thankfully so, it still is challenging to be yourself.

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The World Is Allergic To Women Who Are Chill, So What Is Success For Us Then?!
what is success?

I would never be considered a successful woman according to society because I wouldn’t want to push myself to the point of exhaustion and breakdowns or get married and have kids.

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