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Is Cooking A Part Of A Woman’s DNA Or Is It Forced And Conditioned Upon Her?

Even today, several women are expected to be able to be able to cook a five course meal for the family after a long day at work. Will it ever change?

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Locked Down With Family! Girls Back Home From Hostel Tell Us What It Feels Like

Girls back from home from hostel and locked down with the family, are having to re-adjust to family routines and often, conservative norms of behaviour.

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This Is Why I Am Perfectly Content Being A Cool Aunt, Rather Than Have My Own Baby!

I think I’ve felt more maternal towards a dog I am sure I can return to its owners once it’s done a shit than an actual baby with the same contract.

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5 Things Nobody Tells You About Your Grief When You Lose Your Parent
when you lose your parent

When you lose your parent, it leaves a huge hole in your life. But you have to deal with your grief. Here's what you should know.

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8 Online Music Streaming Options In India You Should Know More About
online music streaming

Online music streaming services/ apps are the way to listen to music currently, giving a great deal of flexibility and choice to the user.

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And Now I’ll No Longer Cry, And Will Take My Destiny Into My Hands

Told through her childhood that things will turn out well and that she will get all the help needed to do what she wants, the poet has been waiting. Now taking her destiny in her hands.

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