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I’ve Recently Started To Wear A Hijab, And This Is What It Feels Like To Be Me

A young woman speaks of her experience of becoming a hijabi, and talks about the misconceptions people have, the questions they ask. We're just like the rest of you, she says!

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The Secret Thoughts Of A Broken Girl (Part 8)

A broken girl can have memories of many kinds of grief. But these memories might actually be comforting at times. Paromita writes about the secret thoughts of such a girl.

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As A 30 y.o. Indian Single Woman, Self-Judgement Was The Hardest To Get Rid Of!

Self-love came the hardest to her, says Manojita Chakraborty, as a single woman in India, impossible to not judge herself as she was by others. But, she's getting there now. 

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This New Indian Ad Is A Missed Opportunity, Unlike It’s Western Version Which Is Empowering
dating app Bumble ad

This dating app ad that many think is a feel-good one reveals layers of misogyny under the gloss of an #EqualNotLoose 'modern woman'.

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Instead Of Being Happy I Had Met A Caring Man I Liked, I Was Actually Terrified! Why?

No one can guarantee a relationship, but was that a reason to doubt myself and be terrified instead of being happy that I had met a man I liked and who cared for me?

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5 Problems Every Fresher Faces At Work, Yet Nobody Warns Them!

The myth is that school and college prepare us for the real world, and the corporate world too. Take it from a fresher - you cannot understand how the corporate world functions until you've been here!

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