Around The World With Kids [E-Book]

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20 Local Moms Guide You Around Their Cities!

You may have been a footloose traveler, but did the arrival of kids make you pause and re-think your travel plans? Around The World With Kids is:

  • A super-practical travel guide full of doable recommendations
  • A great way to and introduce your child (virtually!) to some wonderful cities and
  • Includes useful tips from local moms in 20 popular cities around the world.

From tried tourist favourites like London, San Francisco and Delhi, to unusual choices like Johannesburg and Wellington in remote New Zealand, this travel e-book is for the family that loves to travel together. What will your child like best in historical Rome? Do busy, noisy places like Shanghai and Mumbai hold little surprises for youngsters? Is Paris just about Disneyland?

With a mom guide in each city who’s ‘been there, done that’, this travel e-book will have you planning your next vacation right away!

Available formats

Click the purchase link above, and you will receive this ebook in all 3 formats: PDF, .MOBI and EPUB. Download the one that works best for you! (EPUB is compatible with most smartphones and electronic reading devices. MOBI works well if you have a Kindle – download and email it to your address on your Kindle device. PDFs works best if you will be reading this on a computer).

For readers not based in India

Purchasing via the Women’s Web site works well if you have an Indian bank account (net banking), debit or credit card. If your debit/credit card is not issued in India, you can purchase this ebook via Amazon.

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18 reviews for Around The World With Kids [E-Book]

  1. Robbie

    Knocked my socks off with knwleodge!

  2. Lakeisha

    That’s a smart way of looinkg at the world.

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  6. Sherry

  7. Ebony

  8. Indian

  9. Isabella

  10. Wood

  11. Tess

  12. Jaylin

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  15. Kayden

  16. Rain

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