Time We Said NO To A Selfish Society That Expects Us To Say Yes To Its Demands!

As women we give in too much, and say yes just because it's expected of us. Oh, sacrifice! But you only live once, and it's time we stop.

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10 Everyday Superstars – The Women Who Bring So Much Joy To Our Lives

While we pat ourselves for new steps taken and goals achieved, any success that we achieve is only possible when we have the support of our family, friends, and so many other people who stand so strongly behind us.

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Dear Mother-in-Law, I Will No Longer Wear A Smiling Mask Despite All That Happens

A married woman in her 40s writes an open letter to her mother in law, telling her that it is time she be able to live life as herself, than just as a daughter in law. 

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To The Baby Girl I Fervently Hope Will Survive Premature Birth – Come Back To Us!

An aunt writes an intensely emotional, personal letter to a loved niece born just a week ago prematurely, fighting for her life in an NICU - with everyone in the family praying for her survival.

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Move Over Monogamy, Meet Sologamy; In Which I Can Marry Myself!
what is sologamy

What is sologamy? It is marrying yourself, in a trend of self-love that is catching on in some places. So what does it mean in an Indian society obsessed with getting young people 'marrying off'?

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6 Essential Things You Should Remember About Saying ‘NO’

Doing something to make your partner (or any other loved one) happy is fine - so long as you feel happy about it too. In all other cases, you need to remember these 6 essential things about saying 'NO'. 

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