From Monster-In-Law To Maa, The Relationship Between The MIL And DIL Can Definitely Change…

Historically, MILs have been the torture inducing villains in every DIL's life. However, with changing times, the author hopes this equation changes.

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Pati, Patni Aur New Bachha: How To Solve The Conundrum Of The Millennial Love Triangle

As new parents, how can you as a couple still manage to keep the spark alive and strengthen your relationship? 

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I’m Looking For Love In A World That’s Become Sceptical Of Love…

Love is a requirement for me, a requirement that surpasses my need to have sex. Am I broken?

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8 Life Lessons The TV Series Friends Had For Me, Even 15 Years Later

Right from teenagers to their parents, the series FRIENDS has something for everyone. The author, too, is a fan. Here are eight lessons, it taught her!

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Were My Mother And Wife Saints, Or Sinners?

From my first heartbeat in her womb, she has been my Maa, who was Mudita then? I was curious. Was she my wife's friend? Was she an entity on her own?

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When Bruno Spoke With Me Through An Animal Communicator

A beloved dog passed away, and the author tried to say goodbye through an animal communicator. An intensely personal story.

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