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I Was 30, She Was 52 And An American Woman. Yet We Became The Best Of Friends!

The first time we met, she told me about all the things I would need to create a home in her country. She was an American married to an Indian.

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4 Unlikely Ways My MIL Helped Me Be A Better Person

My MIL and I share a very bittersweet relationship where she has taught me a lot of things and gave me some lessons in life. Here's what I learnt from her.

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Growing Up In A Dysfunctional Family Wasn’t Easy But I Learnt How To Forgive And Find Hope…

Someone very close to me once said, "We don't choose our family." But we can definitely choose what we feel about them. And that is what helped me grow.

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Relationship Advice For Entitled Men (& Family) Who Expect Their Wives To Do As They Say
relationship advice

Why is a wife expected to maintain a 'good relationship' with in laws if they don't reciprocate? Here's some relationship advice to all in-laws.

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What Is The Worth Of A Daughter? Of A Daughter-In-Law?

As a daughter, a wife, a daughter-in-law, what is my value? Why are women always forced to do this soul searching?

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Is There A Way To Fix The ‘Cursed Relationship’ Between A DIL And Her MIL?

The relation between a DIL and her MIL is cursed. It can never be cordial. In fact it is only a fragile relationship with a prejudiced foundation!

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