possessive relationships
“Can’t You See You Belong To Me?” Being In A Possessive Relationship, Camouflaged As Love

"Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you." This kind of a possessive relationship is toxic, not beautiful. Be warned.

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Not All Singles Are So By Choice, Stop Pestering Them!

Singles are constantly being told to get married. However, what if a person is single and waiting for the right person? Read on to understand them.

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Dear You, Thank You For Your Lessons – With Love, A Maths Lover

Have you ever had an unwritten thought? An unwritten poem? Or even an unsent letter to the ONE? Here's one such unsent letter to a special someone 

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When Love Was My Silver Lining Among The Dark And ‘Ugly’ Clouds

Calling a person ugly only hurts them. They lose their self-worth and start questioning themselves. Here's a beautiful story of healing with love.

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8 Thoughtful And Unusual Rakhi Gifts Your Sister Will Love!

Traditionally, a gift is given to a sister on Raksha Bandhan. But instead of the usual, why not go out for something very different?

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7 Sacred Commandments for The MIL, From The Heart Of Every DIL

We all wish to have a life full of light, love and laughter. For the majority of us, all of that is dependent to quite an extent on the proverbial 'dreaded' and sometimes true-to-form 'dreadful' MIL!

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