My Parents Broke My Heart; They Are Just As Caste Obsessed As Anyone Else…

My parents always said I could tell them if I wanted to marry someone, and would stand by me... but when the time came to do so, these turned out to be empty promises.

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A Letter From An Unborn Child Who Could Never Meet His Mom

An unborn's child fictional letter to his mom. A poignant read which will tug at your heart strings.

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How To Break Off An Engagement And Say No

Breaking off an an engagement is not an easy decision. But, if you feel something is amiss, stand up and say no. The author guides how to break off an engagement sensitively.

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Their Bond Survived…Till Death Parted Them

A heart-warming love story that stood the test of time and lasted a lifetime. 

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As I Near 40, I’m Experiencing These 7 Incredible Insights About Myself

Accepting yourself as important, and giving others space are some of the things that have helped this author deal with whatever life has thrown at her.

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Have You Ever Been Ghosted? My Tête-à-Tête With Ghosting!

With most of our communication taking place virtually, ghosting has become rampant. What do you do when you are being ghosted? The author writes an insightful piece.

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