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Being Kind Is Perhaps The Single Most Important Thing We Need During This Pandemic

I’ve realized an aspect that’s important right now – being kind. Well, it’s always important but I’m (only) human.

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When Even My Parents Said That As A Married Woman ‘It Is His Decision How He Wants To Keep Me’

My in-laws have often said that I don't have a right to behave as if this is my home, and my parents have told me that their home is no longer my home as they have done my kanyadaan.

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7 Reasons Why Loving Someone To The Moon And Back May Not Be Such A Good Idea!

Love may be do all, end all for a lot of us. However, an excess, even of love is unhealthy. Here are 7 reasons why it's not a good idea to love too much!

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Ranbir Shamed For Not Living With Neetu Like A ‘Good Indian Son’ Should

Actor Ranbir Kapoor being trolled for not living with his mother at this time reeks of patriarchy. Let people grieve as they wish!

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Trapped Alone With Her New, Unknown Husband In Lockdown, Was Sex Going To Be Like This Now?

He devoured her body like something he 'owned' and vandalised not only the physical part of her identity, but also the emotional part...

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Marriage Is Not JUST About ‘Adjusting,’ It Is Also About Answering Some Difficult Questions

The dynamics of each relationship are different. So questioning our choices about other people, even questioning it with our own past selves, is useless.

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