Read our prestigious winners at the 10th Laadli Media Awards, on India’s Low Divorce Rate and The Sexual Violence of Flashing.
Why We Say Yes All The Time And How To Stop Doing It

Do you fall into the trap of saying 'Yes'  all the time even though you want to say 'NO'? 

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Being ‘Love-Bombed’ & Ghosted Taught Me Not To Tolerate Abusers

In 2018, I fell prey to an incredibly toxic & abusive 'relationship' which left me drained. Here's my story in hopes to help others like me!

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Stop Disagreeing & Arguing With Everything Someone Says, It Only Makes You Look Foolish!

Remember how 'empty vessels make the most noise'? Similarly when you constantly disagree with people, you are simply making a lot of noise!

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When My Life Was A Mess, I Realised Women Aren’t Each Other’s Biggest Enemies!

When my world was falling apart, I only had one person by my side who taught me that women aren't women's biggest enemies!

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Just Stop Pressuring Newly-Married Women To Be ‘Ideal Indian Bahus’!

Why is being an ideal Indian bahu such an ordeal? A woman shouldn’t have to pay a hefty fine only because she got married, right?

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Maybe Modern Love Is Just Sweet And Wholesome As Love Should Be!

Somewhere between, vulnerability and therapy, We found love. The kind we had not read in books, seen in movies. But the kind that was ours.

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