Millennials’ Refusal To Label Relationships Makes Radha & Krishna’s Love Even More Relevant

Radha and Krishna's love is a nameless, non-judgemental one - something that we all can learn from. Why insist on giving a name or a socially sanctioned structure to a relationship? 

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What Should You Know About Relationships And Love In The Age Of Tinder?
love in the age of Tinder

Love in the age of Tinder - hookups, casual sex, dating, and even long term relationships - it's all par for the course, and works very well for the millennials.  

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So Unfair! Why Do Only Girls Need To Leave Their Parents And Go To In-Laws After Marriage?

Girls have to make all the sacrifice - leave their own homes, family, parents and go to their in-laws' place. Is it surprising that parents want only boys, asks Radha Sawana.

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Dear MIL, If You Can’t Trust Me With Your ‘Adult Baby’, Why Did You Get Him Married?

A wife asks why it is that women's mothers in law interfere so much in their married life, or are over-possessive about their sons after getting them married?

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Some Husbands Track Their Wives’ Online Shopping… Only To Abuse Them

While digitisation has revolutionised things, it enables abuse in relationships, putting women at a disadvantage, as all their shopping behaviour can be tracked by controlling husbands. I was speaking to an Aunt over the phone but after a point, she seemed quite distracted. When I asked her if she was busy and wanted to disconnect […]

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This Podcast Beautifully Explains Secrets Of A Happy Marriage With Maslow’s Theory!

Marriage is hard work, never mind all the romantic ideas of 'love' as today our basic needs are mostly met and we need higher ones. If both partners choose to make it work, it can be a happy one.

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