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Aside from being an educationist teaching at the university level for the last 28 years, I have been a corporate wife and a mother to two boys who have now flown the nest. I love cooking, singing, travelling and exploring new places. In the last two years, I have taken to blogging and writing short stories and articles on women and the journeys of their lives. Each story, I feel can be an inspiration and aspiration for other women facing similar situations. I am currently in the process of coming out with my first book

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When Age-Old Customs Are Broken, Especially By A Celebrity, I Can Only Applaud & Appreciate Them!

Traditions and age-old customs give a unique identity to each culture and should be preserved. But when they are insensitive and impractical, shouldn't we do away or at least change them?

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Are Women More Capable Of Dealing With Adversity?

In times of adversity, women fare a great deal better than men. Why are we more capable of dealing with what life throws at us than men? 

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Begums Of The World, Unite! Lessons From The Popular Netflix Show for The Women of Today

What lessons can women learn from the Netflix show, 'Bombay Begums' to break stereotypes and bring about change in this Man's world?

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Every Woman Becomes A Trapeze Artist When Male Egos Collide at Home

When a boy begins to see himself as an adult, it’s likely that he will have clashes with his father. It ultimately falls on the woman in between to sort the differences. 

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Is It Parenting Fail If Today’s Youngsters Feel Entitled To Enjoy Life Sans Responsibility?

People in every generation strive to be better than the previous one. Where is the current generation and how do we look at it? 

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power of sisterhood
The Power Of Being A Woman Is In The Sisterhood That Holds And Lifts Us Up

There is a lot of power in 'girl power', so why not make use of it? Let's celebrate the sisterhoods we have in different places, and own our power.

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Love, The Father-Daughter Way

"That first moment when a father holds his daughter in his arms, a little gingerly, a little carefully and feels his heart melt and filled up with love and tenderness. The memory of that moment remains with him forever."

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I Am Not The Girl I Used To Be

What I ask from life today is entirely different from what I wanted maybe five, ten or twenty years ago.

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What Does Our Choice Of Friends Reveal About Us?

Friends are part and parcel of our lives, but do we ever dig deeper about our friendships or wonder about them.

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Empty Nester Syndrome, Parents Make Use Of This Stage Of Life

The empty nest syndrome is supposed to be a feeling of grief and loneliness, which parents feel at such times. But is that so? Should it be so? An empty nester as the meaning goes is a parent whose children are grown up and have left home. I don’t think so. As I understand, life […]

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What Would I Say To My Younger Self? What Would You?

Today if I were to meet my younger self, how would I feel? What would I say to her? Rather, would I have something to say to her?

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A recent article that I came across on this subject made me pause and think and reflect upon my feelings on this clichéd subject.

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‘Till Death Do Us Part’ Needs To Become ‘Till Your Toxicity Do Us Part’ For No One Can Dominate You!

Thanks to Bollywood, most of us are some kind of romantics. So, breakup hurts us, despite toxicity. Here's why I think some ends are good.

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Dear Men, Stop Just Applauding Women On WhatsApp, Help Them At Home Instead!

With the whole country under lockdown, the women in the family are under immense pressure to do everything around. It's time men help with household chores.

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