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Swati Pandey

I am an avid reader, a writer and a yoga instructor. I like to write on social issues, especially women's issues. With my writings I want to create awareness regarding these issues and contribute my share in making a truly egalitarian society.

Voice of Swati Pandey

My Mother-In-Law Said, ‘Either Abort The Girl Child Or Divorce My Son!’

'Dr Saloni will take care of everything,' my MIL said. My cowardly husband refused to go against his mother’s wishes. I was left to fend for myself!

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I Don’t Get Jealous, But After Meeting This Woman, I Felt Anger & Envy…

This woman at the party was younger, yet earned more than me. I was agitated. Then something made me realize, it's not that difficult to be happy!

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house helps
We Need To Stop Insulting House-Helps In Casual Conversations!

‘Chalu, lazy, these people are greedy.’ Last weekend at a birthday party, the ladies sat together and started talking about their house-helps.

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All It Took Was A ‘Simple’ Text That Made Me Want To Smash Patriarchy!

After receiving a text from someone I knew, I realised how patriarchy is so deeply internalised within us. Here's why we need to smash it!

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Wasn’t I ‘Too Dark’ For You Then? Now Your Wife Is ‘Too Boring’ For You?

Ravi felt ashamed at his impetuousness. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and then said in a steady voice, ‘I just saw her engagement pictures and got curious.’

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Science We Have Read, But When Will We Develop Scientific Thinking?

From feeding dogs for good luck to not cross the road after a black cat passes on the way to avoid negative energy even today we believe in a lot of superstitions that pull us down in life. 

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You’re Enjoying Retirement, Uncle, But When Will Your Wife Get Some Respite From Housework?

Inconsiderate husbands who have no idea of and don't care about the labour of their wives are everywhere in Indian society.

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