On International Women’s Day. it’s time to ask if we’ve really taken enough steps ahead. Read some thought-provoking pieces here!
Career Growth
Career growth tips for Indian women - working women in India still face challenges moving up the ladder; get advice and practical tips on making it.
The Ultimate Guide To Beating That Imposter Syndrome In 10 Easy Tips

Do you suffer from an imposter syndrome? Do you feel all your achievements might not be truly deserved, or second guess yourself all the time?

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Why Social Media Is A Great Tool To Help Women Entrepreneurs Grow!
women entrepreneurs

With its inclusivity and incredible opportunities, social media is helping put women entrepreneurs on the map. Let me tell you how.

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Writing Your First Resume? Here Are 5 Tips To Make It Perfect!

Stressed about writing your first resume? Not to fear for here are 5 tried and tested tips that will make your resume outshine others!

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Returning To Work After A 2-Year Break Wasn’t Easy But This Is How I Did It!

I chose to go against the tide, secretly hoping that someday I would change the narrative with my own ‘story of return.’ Here's how I did it!

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Your Handy Guide To Writing A Great Resume As A Fresher!

As a fresher, looking to enter the workforce, writing an impressive resume is the first step. And this guide will help you do just that!

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Do You Have A To-Don’t List? Here’s Why We All need One

What do you need to stop doing? Here's an urgent call (and a to-don't list) to stop the madness of hyper-productivity.

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