A Cup Of Tea Shared With A Friend Is Happiness Tasted And Time Well Spent!

The cup that cheers can do wonders for you - especially in your student days when you first bond with friends over a cup of tea.

The cup that cheers can do wonders for you – especially in your student days when you first bond with friends over a cup of tea.

“A cup of tea shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent!” – Anonymous.

When I remember my best times at home, tea with the family was one of those. That one cup of tea made by my mom was magical. And now, when I am at the hostel, I have a new family, a bunch of friends who love to share the essence of home with a cup of tea. Many people swear by coffee too, but in my case, it is tea. We have a marvelous group of people who love tea, and share some space together, bonding over tea.

It has not been just about sharing a cup – it is much more than that. It is always said that we need no big things to enjoy with our friends. having tea is one of those.

A cup of tea makes things better

Living far from the family, you might not have the time to share your regrets, fallacies and pain. Add to it classes from morning to evening, moving from one class to another. Tea gives a break in this rushed life. Plus, you can open your heart to the friends, that makes everything so much better.

Dreaming with every cup of tea

Life at an engineering college is full of technical things, formulae, and being on a screen when in your room. Where is the scope for your dreams, journeys and imaginations? Even if surrounded with a green beauty and encompassed with nature’s peace (I have a beautiful college campus), it’s only when you share a cup of tea, that you can indulge in imagination and talk with your friends.

Where there is a cup of tea, there is hope

Living the life independently is not easy. Till your school, you were lucky to have so many people to take decisions and support you, but here at last you depend on yourself. There is always a no to failure and a spark of hope that we friends create for one another, with a cup of tea.

Coping during exam stress

At exam time, you will find the canteens full, everyone with calculators, books and a bunch of notes. When it’s a break, it is time to with share study woes with tea – ‘Kitna hua?’ (How much is done?) to which one always replies, ‘Abhi toh shuru bhi nahin hua…’ (Haven’t even started yet!)

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An excuse to share good thoughts

You will always find the people with great vision. Tea gives you an excuse to be part of their group, to listen to some of their vision, and to share some of yours. For us, it is the best social networking. We would love to share authors and books at this time, or politics. What about you?

Tea is always a good idea

When bored with the regular stuff, to have a hangout with tea is always a good idea.

very imp

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So – tea!

When you are feeling sad and blue
And have no clue what to do
Sit down and have a cup of tea
And a hug, one or two or maybe three
Feel those troubles melt away
And start you on a better day…(Anonymous)

The best lesson

Life is like a cup of tea, it is how you make it. And to learn this lesson when we are in the most productive of our times, is a blessing.

So, if you feel like drinking cup of tea, just get it. Never think – ‘too much tea is harmful’ or ‘it is just a cup’.  And share it with your girl friends today! Cheers!

Image source: tea with friends by Shutterstock.


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