Technology Is Too Important To Be Left To Men; Take It Back!

The role of technology for women is going to be critical in the coming years. We cannot afford to be left behind.

The role of technology for women is going to be critical in the coming years. We cannot afford to be left behind. 

The digital interconnections of the women’s world have been very unambitious so far. Apart from the many wise solutions that technology offers, today one its most important roles lies in connecting women, protecting their rights and enabling the spaces they have been engaged with.

Connecting the dots

She may be a working woman, hunting for conveyance in the night or she may be the housekeeping lady passing by the nasty stalker’s eye. Safety in all such circumstances is a necessity. Today, technology helps women in connecting through every way she has traversed. The crowdsourced and mapping tools locate the place where violence is happening, thus safeguarding her liberty 24 hours a day. Like this, there are numerous alternatives today!

Knowing your rights

Dear ladies, you have crossed your 18th year but do you remember the books, lessons or any other stuff you read about women’s rights during this journey? (Leaving you to ponder over this!)? Whether you are stepping in or stepping out, the challenges that you face as a woman are enormous. This necessitates you to know the rights you are entitled to; they give you a strong advocacy for yourself and others too in need. Of course, the Internet serves as the best medium. Google and you will find thousands of pages, websites, and blogs talking about it.

A common platform

World Wide Web also serves as World Women Web by bringing the female community on a common platform where they can share their ideas, and form communities for common goals and interests. Today, it can serve as a great medium to put an end to social violence; when you are suffering from brutality, millions will be standing against it. The adversities of yesterday and the challenges that exist today will find numerous fighters who are standing together.

Safeguarding yourself (and your child)

Today there are a large number of apps that safeguard your interests. The basic purpose is to carry your safety with yourself. TellTail, bsafe, Taxipixi, Police Nearby, Women’s Security and a handful of others are launched with a must install for every lady. Next time you go out, choose the best for yourself and implore the women nearby also to go for it and pick firstly ‘the safety’.

If you are a mother, today, it would be an impossible task for you to keep your child away from the Internet. But cases of cyberbullying and other such unwanted stuff can affect them if they are not careful enough. Today, it is a parental responsibility to teach your ward where to access and where to limit and be a proud parent. Being well informed about the computer technologies will help your child to grow safe and better.

Women claim their space

Nighat Dad, a single mom from Pakistan is the founder of the Digital Rights Foundation. She had been involved in projects like ‘Take Back the Tech’ and ‘Hamara Internet’. Here, she teaches women about online privacy and Internet governance helping women to claim their space digitally.

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With multi-tech aids, it is a revolutionary need for women to join the digital world and access their right; an important part of “Learning to Stand for Yourself’. If you or your mom have not been using it yet, enable yourself and her in using it first, if somehow you were disconnected, it’s the right time to re-connect.

Ladies! Let’s fill the digital space this time and explore a new world that has been waiting for your advent.

Social media has created a historical shift from historically powerful to historically powerless, now everyone has a voice. – Sheryl Sandberg

I think it’s very important to get more women into computing. My slogan is: Computing is too important to be left to men. – Karen Spärck Jones,

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