Shivedita Singh

An engineering student at MNIT Jaipur who loves writing. Along with, a versatile being who admire painting, cooking, elocution and reading novels.

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What is OCD
What Is OCD? Here’s Some Help To Understand And Deal With It

October 11th-17th is International OCD Awareness Week. On this occasion, let's answer the questions - What is OCD? How is it relevant to me?

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Dear Girls, Please Take A Stand For Your Dignity

Marriage should be a matter of choice and an union of equals.

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Domestic Violence: The Responsibility Should Not Be Evaded

Domestic violence cases have been tagging along as a pandemic on its own with the spread of Coronavirus. At this point, we need some serious mechanisms to redress the rise in cases.

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As A Petrochem Engineer, And Also A ‘Girl’, Here’s What I Found

My experience in the petrochemical industry has been wonderful, but also showed me that women in production need to push beyond the walls.

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The Way SHE Is Perceived

How often have we looked at a woman and made a rash judgement? The judgement reduces that woman to a statement that is then propagated.

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Technology Is Too Important To Be Left To Men; Take It Back!

The role of technology for women is going to be critical in the coming years. We cannot afford to be left behind.

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Bollywood moms
Can We Say, “Bollywood Ke Paas Maa Hain”?

Bollywood mothers are the substance of legend. Here is a trip down memory lane that will leave you nostalgic, yet feeling happy for the current trend.

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substantial change
These Small Yet Substantial Changes Can Literally Give Our Daughters Wings!

As parents, we need to make a small, yet substantial change, that will make sure our daughters have a fair chance at everything. Are we ready to do that?

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I Might Have My Scars, But I Consider Them My Badges Of Honour

Love yourself despite the scars that you may have. As a society, we must be emphatetic towards the emotionally and physically scarred.

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A Cup Of Tea Shared With A Friend Is Happiness Tasted And Time Well Spent!

The cup that cheers can do wonders for you - especially in your student days when you first bond with friends over a cup of tea.

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