These Small Yet Substantial Changes Can Literally Give Our Daughters Wings!

As parents, we need to make a small, yet substantial change, that will make sure our daughters have a fair chance at everything. Are we ready to do that?

As parents, we need to make a small, yet substantial change, that will make sure our daughters have a fair chance at everything. Are we ready to do that?

Just a few months back, we all celebrated International Women’s Day ’17. I am sure whoever among us would have remembered must have definitely taken a few minutes of the day (be it by a hug, a call, a post on social networking site, etc. etc.) to thank the women who make our life special.

Like every year, one more Women’s Day passed with a boom of posts on social networking sites, the fest’s by many leading organizations, award ceremonies and much more. Though there arises no need to celebrate a day to cherish the gift of womanhood, we still do because the social stigmas, taboos and also the bias, perspectives, and lifestyle in which our society has been chained, need to be spoken about. This day generates a hope that when we will celebrate the next, we will be a part of a different chapter.

There are a few small changes that we can bring about and imbibe in our family and society to bring about a small yet substantial change.

Sharing household chores

Whether a woman is working or non-working, the responsibilities of all household chores fall on her shoulders. The Indian woman is supposed to have some magic wand and ‘manage’ by default. If she is working, once she is done with cooking, breakfast, lunch, and kids; then starts her race to the office.

It had better be understood that she has got no magic wand. Men should have an equal share in all household chores whether it kitchen buying the groceries and once you start with your share, you will figure out a big list!

No Pink and Blue

This fact could not be denied that parenting is a tough job. Ever thought, how it impacts your boy when you give him a toy car and your girl a Barbie doll? The demarcations start so small but grow so big that they affect an entire generation. It is a parental responsibility to give them an inner and outer world which is non-biased where they choose their own pink and blue; they learn this and will propagate further.

He can work, you don’t need to?

A working woman are not just about contributing to the finances of the family, but also about her independence and dreams. While she is working, she realizes her own personal and professional strength, which aids in self, family and societal growth and productivity. We have to let every woman live her dreams, the way she desires it to be when she is married, when she is a mother and forever.

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Field work is Men’s work (??)

My girl will be a Doctor (can open her own clinic nearby) or a Teacher (perk: a lot of holidays!) or to the utmost extent a Computer Engineer (it’s a white collar job).

We have to let her decide what she wants to be, a soldier or a mechanical engineer or a pilot or an army officer. We do not have to chain her in the stereotype that field work is men’s work. This time, we will teach each daughter, that the work you love is your work.

I hope we will imbibe these changes and be the change. Good Luck!

Image source: By Ministry of Defense of Ukraine [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons, for representational purposes only.

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