I Might Have My Scars, But I Consider Them My Badges Of Honour

Love yourself despite the scars that you may have. As a society, we must be emphatetic towards the emotionally and physically scarred.

Love yourself despite the scars that you may have. As a society, we must be emphatetic towards the emotionally and physically scarred.

“Scars on your body show that you have lived,
Scars on your heart show that you have loved.”

We recently heard about a 19-year-old Reshma Banoo Qureshi, an acid attack survivor who walked the ramp amongst the supermodels in New York with headlines to the tune of ‘She has stolen the show’, doing the rounds

Yes, the idea of beauty is getting redefined. This not only exemplifies the mark of a sensible society but also stands as an inspiration in the bigoted culture where the concept of feminism is entangled in the idea of fictitious beauty.

Individuality, coupled with versatility is a blessing and we will have to learn to value it. Isn’t it?
My dear young ladies, I know you must not be away from the scenario where apart from the mammoth dowries, you are judged with your body postures and speckled scars.

You have been beauty-gauged by society from the time you were born because the society irrationality says ‘a beautiful girl, an easy marriage’. Even we, infused with such ludicrous thoughts never cherish the love for ourselves, because it loosens its threads in scars which we value more. So there is a need to redefine this beauty, which has been deceiving us for many generations.

I may be born with a blemished face, or it may have explored the impressions of time during the drift of life. But does it change the beauty of your heart, and the brave soul that always sets you apart?

Does it change the compassion, faith, and responsibilities you fulfill?. It doesn’t. The ‘beautiful heart’ is the only beauty that one beholds.  Love your scars and redefine the beauty for yourself.

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Before our society can acknowledge this change, it is very important that ‘we’, the women’s community who want their society to accept a new phase of beauty, accept it ourselves. With daily struggles that you face, with the daily strife to survive and a number of responsibilities to fulfill, your new way to look at yourself will bring positive, confident changes to your lifestyle where you will love everything that you do because now you love yourself.

“Our Scars make us beautiful.” –  -Danielle Orner

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