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What's life like for working women in India? Here we discuss our challenges, learn tips to combat common challenges faced by women (including working mothers) and find out where the best jobs for women are opening up.
office etiquette
5 Office Etiquette Rules Which Every Employee Should Follow

You put in the hours, meet deadlines, and are cordial with your coworkers. But is that enough for you to be a good employee?

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Japan Minister Says Heels Must For Working Women; 5 Things We Feel Are Must For Indian Working Men

From his privileged position as a man who has no idea of women's lives and bodies, Japan's minister Takumi Nemoto has deemed heels essential for working women. Here's a woman's take on that. 

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4 Key Things I Learnt About Negotiating At Work From My Domestic Help

My domestic help is an inspiration in many ways that I had never imagined.  Let me give you some idea...

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“Her Husband’s Onsite… She Doesn’t Need A Salary Hike!” Huh? Isn’t My Salary For My Work?
salary hike

An employee’s salary hike should depend upon their work and effort, right? Then why did this woman’s boss decide that she didn’t ‘need’ a hike because her husband was posted onsite? Is her salary just an optional ‘add-on?

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Why Are Women In Top Leadership Positions Tested And Doubted So Much?

Why are women in top leadership positions tested and doubted? While it is annoying, this author refuses to stop leaning in - for the sake of generations to come.

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India Inc Is Doing More To Be Inclusive, But We Need To Push Ourselves A Lot More!

What does true inclusion at the workplace look like? And why does it matter in the larger world around us?

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