What Caused Suchana Seth To Kill Her 4-Year Old?

Suchana Seth: What could have driven a woman of such apparent success to commit such an unimaginable and devastating act against her own child?

Trigger Warning: This deals with graphic details of murder and may be triggering to all readers.

Early this year, we all woke up to the shocking news about Suchana Seth, and the grim details that unfolded. Her alleged involvement in the heart-wrenching murder of her own 4-year-old child sent my mind spiralling. I couldn’t understand what kind of torment could lead a mother, seemingly accomplished in her career, to commit such a despicable act against her own flesh and blood.

To the uninitiated, Suchana is accused of murdering her only child’s life in an apartment in North Goa’s Candolim, coldly concealing his tiny body in a bag, and transporting it to Karnataka in a taxi, when she was detained.

The contrast between who Suchana Seth was and this reality is heart-wrenching

Delving deeper into the heart-wrenching story, I discovered that Suchana is not just any individual; she is an esteemed AI ethics expert and a distinguished data scientist. In her professional life, she earned the prestigious recognition of being listed among the 100 AI ethics expert women in the world in 2021. Her achievements extend further, to being a Harvard fellow, according to her LinkedIn profile. She is a patent holder and the CEO of the Mindful AI Lab. She is also a first rank holder in PG Diploma, Sanskrit from Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture.

The clear contrast between her professional accolades and the horrifying allegations against her add a layer of  complexity to this tragic tale. As I grappled with the details in the news articles, my mind kept reeling with questions like: What could have driven a woman of such apparent success to commit such an unimaginable and devastating act against her own child? The emotional turbulence within me is the sum of the collective bewilderment of human despair and the darkness that can overshadow even the brightest achievements.

Broken relationships, long term trauma…

It is also interesting to note the heart-wrenching details of Suchana Seth’s life that paint a picture of despair. Considering that I am only privy to her life through the various news articles I read this morning, I am only imagining how her life and days would have been.

Amid an ugly legal battle with her estranged husband, she also bore the weight of unspoken grievances with her father whom she hadn’t spoken to in years, following the demise of her mother. While climbing the corporate ladder, a journey undoubtedly fraught with challenges, she would’ve carried the emotional burdens of her fractured relationships. It feels like a ticking time bomb, waiting for a crash, but could anyone have predicted it would culminate in such a horrific tragedy? My mind struggles to make sense of it all.

She has undergone clinical reviews to assess her mental health. Despite whatever the results are, she clearly seems to have been under immense pressure.

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A chilling narrative of premediated murder

The police reveal a chilling narrative of premeditated murder where she ordered cough syrup from the staff at the apartments and the boy’s post-mortem indicating asphyxia without a hint of struggle. Yet, my imagination struggles to come to terms with the aftermath. How did she confront the unthinkable truth that her only child was dead? What must be on her mind when she was packing him in a suitcase and carrying him away to be discarded elsewhere? My stomach churns.

As the mystery deepens, my mind grapples with the unimaginable mental and emotional turmoil she might have endured. What led her to believe that the death of her child would be a resolution? To anything in the world! What even led her to believe that she could get away with this? As a mother, I find it inconceivable that anything could outweigh the value of my child’s life, and the news refuses to settle within my comprehension.

Regardless of what unfolds for Suchana Seth, there’s one truth that pushes my sensory buttons – the little child did not deserve this fate. He should not have met his end at the hands of his mother, who was supposed to be his nurturer. The thought of his suffering pierces my soul, an innocent child robbed of the chance to grow and thrive, in a manner that defies my logical understanding.

Editor’s note: This is as yet a developing news story.

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