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‘How Did Young People Develop So Much Hate?’ We Wonder With The Bulli Bai Case… But Is It Really Surprising?

These young people didn’t get beamed down from outer space. Nor did they need any special brainwashing to get this way. Then what has happened?

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True Crime Series India Detectives Shot As Events Unfold – Can Women Ever Escape Violence?
Crime Stories

Crime Stories: India Detectives is a true crime series on Netflix that shows how there is no escaping misogyny even in death, while also giving a window into how the police operate.

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Mumbai Diaries: 3 Women Who Hold Up The Sky In This Dramatised Account Of The 26/11 Attack
Mumbai Diaries

Mumbai Diaries is a brisk if slightly chaotic dramatisation of the events of 26th November 2008, better known as 26/11, which shook the city of dreams.

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No Matter What Your Politics, Kangana’s Abusive Language Is Not OK

Why do you use such abusive language, Kangana? Politics of the matter aside, do you think that gives your opinions any special meaning?!

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Why A Superstitious Couple In Badhras, UP, Committed Horror On A 6y.o. Girl On Diwali Day
Badhras UP

Today morning I came across this news item on The Wire that completely shook me. What is this pressure to have a child that is so deeply entrenched in Indian minds, that it makes monsters of us?

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Mirzapur 2 Is A Revenge Story of Women Wronged, Not Just Mindless Bloodshed
Mirzapur 2

Mirzapur 2 is not all gore and bloodshed. It is also a story of women wronged, rising from the ashes to vanquish men who think women can be tamed.

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