Gutsy Female Students Of Jamia Milia Become Face Of The Protests As They Stand Up To Violence

Recent violence on students of Jamia Milia University had many female students being allegedly brutalised by Delhi Police. Is this supposed to be a democracy with no space for dissent?

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A Recent Bill In Parliament Tried To Make Sexual Crimes Gender Neutral. What Is Your Opinion?
gender neutrality

Looking at sexual crime through the lens of gender leads to a flawed understanding of the dynamics of crime itself; gender neutrality is the answer.

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Why Arita Sarkar’s Book ‘Kidnapped’ Is A Necessary, Even If A Brutal Read

Kidnapped is a difficult read. Arita Sarkar makes no bones about her presentation either, and that’s virtually non-negotiable because of the topic she addresses.

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Kabir Singh’s ‘Love’ Might Be The Current Flavour, But It Is Only Glorification Of Abuse

Love does not abuse. Love heals. What Kabir Singh feels and expresses is not love; please don't be swayed by it, people. It's abuse. Recognise it for what it is.

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Millions Of Indians Are Trapped In Bonded Labour, But This Mom Escaped The Illegal System

This Mother’s Day, we celebrate and salute mothers who have triumphed over conditions of bonded labour, remaining hopeful despite it all. Here's the inspiring story of Papamma and Chiranjeevi.

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What’s The Difference Between Refugee Girls Malala Talks About And Our Kids, Really?
We are Displaced Malala Yousafzai

Imagine being a child, a teenager, thrown out of the only home you have ever known, persecuted, and left to the mercies of others. Malala Yousafzai's new book We Are Displaced tells us the real stories of such girls.

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