We are Displaced Malala Yousafzai
What’s The Difference Between Refugee Girls Malala Talks About And Our Kids, Really?

Imagine being a child, a teenager, thrown out of the only home you have ever known, persecuted, and left to the mercies of others. Malala Yousafzai's new book We Are Displaced tells us the real stories of such girls.

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Moms Worried As Even 5 Year Olds Are Being Bullied And Told To “Go To Pakistan” – Nazia Erum

Muslim kids are being increasingly bullied in today's political climate, and this is worrying their parents. Nazia Erum speaks about it.

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This Post By An Army Kid Was Refused Publication But Is Now Going Viral

After the Pulwama tragedy, there have been calls for revenge from leaders, with not much consideration for what the families of these "martyrs" actually go through, and what they want. 

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Pulwama: On The Day Of Love When Hatred Reared Its Ugly Head
Pulwana terror attack

The Pulwana terror attack is to be condemned, but we need to do more than that, to support the families left behind by those who died, and to stop this cycle of violence somehow.

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I Watched Uri, And My Heart Is Broken By What I Saw

War movies like Uri glorify the dehumanisation of soldiers and their targets, no matter how patriotic we feel about them. Is this what we want to teach our kids?

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Why I Feel A Man Who Flouts Civic Rules Has Never Been An Involved Dad

Being a hands-on dad somehow makes a man re-look his antisocial/ anti-civic behaviour, as this stay at home dad's experience tells him. An interesting proposition.

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