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Half the year has been for introspection, reinventing ourselves and our belief systems. Time to empower ourselves with that knowledge!

Last few months, in fact half the year has been the time for introspection and reinventing ourselves and our belief systems both on the personal and professional fronts. It is time to empower ourselves with that knowledge.

The pandemic has impacted everyone on personal as well as professional fronts.  These are the times for us to empower ourselves and prepare to deal with the situation the best that we can. Some of them being re-skilling and up-skilling ourselves; preparing for the newer and diverse roles. The times ahead will be dictating the need for diversification and multi tasking. Also possessing and demonstrating the growth mindset. You don’t get what you wish. You need to still dream passionately, nurture it, water it, soil it and take massive action each day as action pays dividends. Need to move forward at all times by taking a step in the right direction.

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to do certain things easily whereas others struggle a lot?  Why some people are living a life of abundance and others do not and why some people are able to produce outstanding results consistently in their lives but others are still struggling to take that first step!

Never get stuck- sometimes you may not feel good, people may not appreciate your work, and they may take you for granted. Nevertheless take the next forward step; failing which you will be in the ‘repair mode’ or the trap.

It is said that the longest journey is the journey inward. Last few months, in fact half the year has been the time for introspection and reinventing ourselves and our belief systems both on the personal and professional fronts. Every vehicle has a rear and front mirrors. Realise the past mistakes and take positive steps in the way forward direction; no matter what!

Where should you begin that journey inward? It should start with minding yourself. Stay calm and do your best. Look at the larger picture and let the daily situations not affect you as your peace is more important. One can always list things that he or she does to remain calm. These could be – connecting with people, following hobbies and generating positive thoughts.

Here are some ways to empower yourself:

Connect with others

Reach out means to connect with others both on personal and professional fronts. Be ready to help others and also seek help. There are many ways to connect not just a face to face meeting. We have discovered numerous ways to do that during the times of lockdown and social distancing. Technology has made the world even smaller. Many apps have been developed for the ease of that connection. Meetings, training sessions and even academic teaching- learning are happening online. Just because you aren’t travelling shouldn’t hinder the bonding; they are important from mental health perspective too.

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Ask yourself if you can contribute to the society, to the people who are vulnerable. This can be your Individual Social Responsibility and it may not always cost you the money. Time or skill volunteering can be of immense help.

Positive mindset and self talk

As you believe so you do, how you train your mind decides your approach. Do you indulge in self talk? Do ask yourself these questions, the answers to which will help you build that mindset – positive or negative, growth or fixed. You choose where you want to be.

What do you tell our mind?

What is the lens through which you are looking at the difficult situation?

What do you say to your children? (They are going to grow up with that)

Is there one mindset shift that you’d empower yourself to ride this wave?

These questions are hard hitting but they bring a lot of clarity.

Regain your equilibrium

Re-centre yourself or connect with the core- something that’ll help you to connect with yourself.  Find that method that helps you to regain your equilibrium. It could be by means of: meditation, exercise, following a hobby or being in the flow. They help bring your energies back. It is necessary for you to give yourself some downtime to reconnect with your core. Even organisations talk of core value, they are important at the personal level too. Are you committing to make it a part of your life? Think of ways to achieve it and start using them.

Celebrate small successes

Make winning a habit by celebrating small successes. Self appreciation goes a long way; be your own cheerleader. Enhance your knowledge on subjects that interest you. Many online courses are available on MOOCs.  Learn to set small targets; for instance deciding on little things and accomplishing them such as ‘10 minute targets’. Each day or per week think about one accomplishment that you want to achieve and go for it. This puts you in the frame of mind to have accomplished a goal; and you’ll want to do more of them.

Set routine for productivity

Go back to the drawing board, relook the way we’d want things to be. Be your productive best and see how it helps you to empower yourself. As they rightly say, ‘Different strokes for different folks’. Do you Sleep early / Wake up early or Sleep late/ Wake up late. How does this impact your rest of the day? You might want to review your routine for better productivity.

Embrace the change, become emotionally intelligent and creative. Talking to yourself in the positive is helpful and it energises you. Reinventing yourself will be a requirement for the future. The learners and professionals will survive due to their willingness to expand their knowledge and skill sets continuously.

Some people will be with you whereas some may not and some may be indifferent. Move with people who are with you and don’t keep justifying yourself to the ones who aren’t sailing along. Build the momentum by moving forward each day with a goal in mind and a charted direction that will take you miles ahead. Give yourself the power that can handle any peril.

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