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Living With Anxiety Can Make Every Day Activities A Struggle
Living With Anxiety Can Make Every Day Activities A Struggle

Living with anxiety can be crippling. Many people are talking about it lately, but only those who experience it know how draining it can be; hearing people laugh and think they are laughing at you!

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Are you addicted To Social Media? Here Are 7 Steps Of Recovery
Social Media Addiction

Social Media is in itself not a bad thing — it is we who use it either wisely or inconsiderately. It not only allows us to reconnect with people, share our interests and helps bond over it, but it also removes the obstacles of time and distance,

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Soul Chicken Soup — A Poem About Mindfulness
Soul Chicken Soup

Poem: Soul Chicken Soup— Slicing up the onions/ Her unwholesome stream of words/ Beating and frothing up the eggs/How could he!/How could he!

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5 Sure-Fire Strategies That Have Always Worked For Me When I Need Motivation

We all feel low at times, and need some handy self motivation strategies at such times. Here are 5 that have always worked for me.

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I Am… The Two Most Powerful Words We Use While Talking About Ourselves
I am

We say that "I am...(___)". These words write our story, define our identity in ways we do not realise. A change in them can change destinies.

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Do We Make Choices For The Right Reasons?

We make choices every day. What prompts us to make these choices? Do we make choices for ourselves? Here is a post that discusses these questions in depth.

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