Rinkoo Sawhney

Rinku is a Social Entrepreneur, and a Mind-shift & Success Coach. She is the founder of Elevated Minds. Elevated Minds' singular goal is to impact the lives of one million people in the next 5 years. Though an engineer by education, she started her journey by volunteering with social programs working for prisoner reformation and post-release rehabilitation. After a few years of volunteering experience and coaching personally, she expanded her contributory skills to the next level by doing extensive research for her work and brought to life a framework for achieving holistic completion and mind-shift transformation. "The Success Framework" is an amalgamation of science and behavioral psychology. Success Framework is not based on her personal beliefs but backed by Quantum Physics and the experience of working with so many people during this journey. This is probably a unique scientific backed framework for human transformation. She is a published author of the book "My Life I Decide: 19 thought-provoking ideas to change your life". She has now worked with over 15000 people over the last 13 years, to help create transformation in their personal and professional lives. She conducts Personal Transformation programs, short and long-term workshops, curated talks, and seminars which create a lasting differentiation in participants. Rinku's first book, MY LIFE I DECIDE: bit.ly/RinkuBook

Voice of Rinkoo Sawhney

The Secret Weapon. Find Out What It Is

Do you believe in overnight success? I don’t, but there are definitely people who seem to have the ‘Midas Touch’. They seem to have an unbelievable ability to achieve their goals, whatever they are. Even these people don’t become successful overnight, because success is a process, a journey. It’s not a destination. So, what sets […]

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I am
I Am… The Two Most Powerful Words We Use While Talking About Ourselves

We say that "I am...(___)". These words write our story, define our identity in ways we do not realise. A change in them can change destinies.

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