A woman who believes in lifting up other women. Runs on coffee, poetry, long walks, and tiramisu. Loves stand-up comedy, rerunning Friends, and making travel plans. Every year's one fix resolution is to read at least 50 books. Currently working on becoming a serious marathon runner.

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‘I Am Not Fine But A Hug Will Help’ Saying This Is Helping Me Get Through The Lockdown

The lockdown is forcing everyone to stay in their homes and while tinged with the some anxiety, talking to partners and or even plants is helpful.

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How Are You Feeling? The Question No One Is Asking In The Time Of Corona

Anxiety during Covid-19 is entirely natural; staying home and isolated is not as easy as it seems. Take heart, we are all in this together.

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5 Sure-Fire Strategies That Have Always Worked For Me When I Need Motivation

We all feel low at times, and need some handy self motivation strategies at such times. Here are 5 that have always worked for me.

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I Called Out An Old School ‘Friend’ When I Realised He Was Molesting A Child

An old school friend was sexually abusing a little boy right in front of me, and I called him out, because we should have zero tolerance for this.

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Kids In A Pub!? Yes, Parents Need A Break, But Does That Mean That Anything Is OK?

It is a great thing that today's parents are mindful of their own needs are individuals, but we also need to be mindful of our responsibility to our kids.

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Hima Das & The Real Superheroes We Young Women Need

In a country that usually tells young women what they 'cannot' do, Hima Das and other sportswomen like her are the real superheroes we need - the ones who refuse to accept adversity.

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A Friend Request. But Would Her Husband Be OK If She Accepted It?

They have had this argument before. "I won't like it if you talk to anyone but family on Facebook", her husband had made it clear earlier. She doesn't want that episode to be repeated.

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I Kept Asking, “Why Me?” When It Should’ve Been, “Why Did He?”

Just being a girl or a woman is enough - men consider them fair game. But it matters what question we ask - instead of blaming her, ask: why did he?

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