Living With Anxiety Can Make Every Day Activities A Struggle

Living with anxiety can be crippling. Many people are talking about it lately, but only those who experience it know how draining it can be; hearing people laugh and think they are laughing at you!

Living with anxiety can be crippling. Many people are talking about it lately, but only those who experience it know how draining it can be.

Hearing people laugh and think they are laughing at you, being scared of ordering food, and counting money numerous times at the counter. I didn’t know that the small things I undergo daily were due to anxiety.

Being on high alert almost all day can be stressful. Doubting every move, and thinking around a hundred times before saying or doing something, freezing while asking a restaurant for extra ketchup.

This is just the beginning of the list!

Living with anxiety can be overwhelming

I have had people tell me that anxiety is not actually a bad thing. Our flight or fight response is triggered because our brain perceives a situation as a danger or a threat.

This is true, but anxiety isn’t exactly a good thing for me.

I experience overwhelming and persistent fear and dread in day-to-day scenarios. Anxiety and panic disrupt my regular tasks, are hard to control, are out of context to the significant risk, and linger for long periods.

Anxiety attacks are sneaky and can be triggered by anything

Anxiety attacks frequently happen out of nowhere and without notice. There might just be a clear trigger like worrying about a presentation you have to give, but other times, the attacks suddenly happen.

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Did you know that sweating, trembling, feeling nervous, having an increased heart rate are all symptoms? They are symptoms of anxiety.

I am sure you might have got exhausted reading the list. Imagine dealing with this every day! There are many types of anxiety disorders, including social anxiety, selective mutism, separation anxiety, and agoraphobia.

For those who struggle with mental health problems, especially anxiety, this article is dedicated to you. It is not ‘just stress’, and I appreciate your courage!

It can be challenging, but try some self-help coping strategies: connect with others, practice relaxation techniques, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly.

Despite the fear, ask help for

If you think you are under extreme distress, I urge you to seek help. If you don’t ask for help, your fears may not go away on their own. Before your anxiety worsens, see your doctor or mental health professional. It is simpler to treat if you get care as soon as possible.

I shared my experience, on World Mental Health Day 2022, hoping that a few people could relate and feel better. While having an anxiety disorder might make it troublesome to live the life you desire, it is necessary to keep in mind that you are not alone.

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health conditions, yet they are also treatable.

I hope that more people come forward with their stories to break the stigma around mental health. Let’s keep the mental health dialogue going day after day!


[If our readers, or someone you know, has exhibited signs and symptoms that are similar to the above-mentioned Anxiety Disorder, we request you to seek help from therapists.]

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