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Karvachauth Has A Special Place In My Heart And I Observe It For A Very Personal Reason

An intensely personal and honest account of why she keeps the karvachauth fast despite no pressure to do so, Prerna Wahi's words make you believe in the romance of it all.

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My Elder Brother Sexually Abused Me For Years And This Is Why I Chose To Speak Of It

A victim of childhood sexual abuse, the author explains why she chose to speak about it and requests other victims to speak up to break the unending cycle!

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With Every Premature Baby, A Premature Mom Is Born, Needing 5 Times The Strength Of A ‘Normal’ One

In an intensely personal account of the birth and early days of her premature baby, this mom shines through with her strength and resilience. Salute!

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Even As A ‘Liberal’ Indian Man, My Journey To Become A Relatively ‘Woke’ Feminist Was Not Easy

A young man who identified as 'liberal' found out as he was called out, that he was actually more sexist than he thought. And then followed the journey of waking up to being a real feminist.

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Why You Must Eat Your Favorite Cake Right Away, And Not ‘Save’ It For A Special Occasion

I learnt the hard way that we need to live our happiness now, that every day is speacial, and every moment an occasion to celebrate.

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Moms And Dads, Don’t Let Being Parents Get In The Way Of Being A Couple, As I Almost Did…

Indians often believe that being a parent, especially being a mother, is more important than the closeness of a being a couple, but your connection as a couple will do wonders for the child, believe me.

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