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Her Perfect, Hot, Round Rotis Were A Sign Of My Grandmother’s Bowing To Patriarchy

My paternal grandmother was an empowered, no-nonsense woman in every sense, but still still bowed to the patriarchal upper hand of my grandfather by quietly making perfect, hot, round rotis for him.

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Cars Do Not Recognise Gender, It’s Time We Reclaim The Road, Girls!

I have always been independent in every way but one - I never got around to learning to drive. But this year, I conquered my fears, and #YesIDidIt

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Teach Boys How To Treat Their Wives By Having Our Men Share Domestic Responsibilities!

Being the mom is equated with being an epitome of sacrifice in Indian society. But is that the right thing to do? Are we not doing ourselves and our family a disservice?

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Dear Daughter, You Don’t Have To Lower Your Standards To ‘Fit Into’ A Patriarchal Society

Even in educated, more aware circles, there is a lack of gender equality, which could make kids raised by feminist, 'woke' parents a misfit in society. But does it need to be so?

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After A Difficult Pregnancy I Gave Birth To You, But My Child, You Made Me ‘Amma’!

A young mother recounts her emotional journey from a difficult pregnancy to being the mother today, of a much-loved, happy toddler.

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As A Single Parent, I’m A Mommy Co-Learner With My Daughter, Not Just Her Mother!

As a single parent of a daughter, this mom is proud of her child's pride in her as a writer, and would rather be called a 'parent', eschewing the expected pedestal that comes with being a mother in India.

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