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It Was An Arranged But Abusive Marriage, Until One Day…

When two friends meet, one of them reveals how abusive her marriage is, leaving the other one shocked. But a pleasant surprise awaits her towards the end!

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Broken, Not Bent! My Story Of How I Rose After Being Torn Down Multiple Times

You may be a misfit, you may have been broken but that doesn't mean you can't rise above from the ashes. Rise up, like a phoenix, for you are strong. 

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Dear Daughter, As You Turn 5 – A Letter From A Mom To Her Second Daughter

I will still embarrass you by being the mom who claps the loudest when you come on stage on your annual day. I will be this, and try my best to be more.

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Why Is Every Daughter-in-law LIKE A Daughter But Rarely Treated As One?

The in-laws were happy with her accomplishment. They congratulated her and also praised her for her lovely gesture her of gifting her mom-in-law. 

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Sigh. When I Was Once A Financially Independent Woman…

From someone who earned her own living to someone who depended on her husband for the smallest of things, this woman shares her thoughts.

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Life May Be A Roller Coaster But I Live Mine Regret Free

As a woman in the 21st century, there are several choices one needs to make. Do you regret choices you make? The author definitely follows the no regrets path!

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