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And I Realised How A ‘Working Mom’ Tag Affects School Admission Of Your Kid!

This working mother who is unashamedly ambitious recently came across shaming for it from the teachers of the school she was seeking admission from, for her 5 year old.

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What The #10YearsChallenge Made Me Understand About Myself

The #10YearsChallenge notwithstanding, how is it possible for anyone to have not changed much over 10 years? A decade is a long time, and things certainly change!

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I Am A Mother… And She Is A Mother Too!

She has a child next to her. I have one too. Mine sits in the passenger seat next to me. On our way back from school. Full of stories that I have for the moment stopped listening to. Because I am looking at that other mother.

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Even After 2 Kids I Love To Bits, Here’s Why I Believe It’s OK To Not Want To Raise A Family

I believe if someone does not want kids, it is OK for them to not fall for social pressure to have them. After all, it should be their decision!

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Your Child’s Teacher Is Your Partner In Arms For Parenting – Know Them

Parent-teacher meetings are a very emotional event for me. These are emotions that come from getting to know how my child is when I am not around, and to see how much he is growing.

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Help! I Had Not Cycled For 15 Years, And Now I HAD To!

Cycling is supposed to one of those things we never forget. So the author tried her luck after a 15 year hiatus, in a country where cycling was almost mandatory for everyone. What happened? 

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