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personal stories
Unlock Diaries: Suddenly, It Felt Like The Many Hurried Getaways That I Would Plan Earlier…

I knew no one would understand why I needed to do this; and finally, I had stopped feeling guilty. I had one life to live, and I needed to do whatever brought me peace.

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I Was ‘Rejected’ In The Great Indian Marriage Market With This Insulting Explanation

I agreed to go the route of an arranged marriage, but I was in for a shock when his educated family based my integrity and worth on something really shallow. 

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Despair And Pain, Or Warmth And Happiness; I Believe A House Feels These Too…

Can a house feel and absorb the emotions of people who live in it, who have lived in it? I think yes, because I feel these too.

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Was Retaining Maiden Name Just As ‘Normal’ A Generation Ago? Read These Women’s Stories
older women retaining their names

Did older women who didn't change their names at marriage face issues for this 'radical act', something that is common among younger married women?

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I Do Not Expect My Daughter To Fulfil My Unfinished Dreams While Giving Up Her Own

I have always given up my wishes for the comfort of others; something I do not want my daughter to emulate as she grows up.

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Masks, Washing, No Routine – How To Cope With Special COVID Challenges For Children With Autism?
children with autism

Sensory overload and a lack of routine during COVID-19 makes life an uncharted minefield for children with autism. Here's how 4 moms and a special needs educator feel their challenges can be handled.

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