‘Mother With A Sign’ On Instagram Is Basically Every Indian Mom Ever; With The Sass, Humour And Advice!

If you thought maa ka gyaan wasn't cool, Poonam Sapra has made it cool with her Instagram account Mother With A Sign. This is why I love her!

If you thought maa ka gyaan wasn’t cool, Poonam Sapra has made it cool with her Instagram account Mother With A Sign. This is why I love her!

We have all heard things like ‘Khana theek se khao’, ‘wear proper winter clothes’, ‘sleep on time’ by our very own Indian moms. Indian moms are especially known for words of wisdom full of love and sarcasm.

We often tend to ignore these words of wisdom but our mother’s never stop, do they? Whether you are five years old or 60, for our mother’s hum humesha bacche hi rahenge (we will always be a kid) So for all of you out there missing their moms and their words of wisdom, Mother With A Sign comes to your rescue.

Content creator Pranav Sapra created an Instagram profile for his mom Poonam Sapra and named it Mother With A Sign. And if you have even one social media account, you would know of the trend of holding a cardboard and saying things.

Dude With A Sign is the most famous one so far. This entire trend is considered to be really cool especially by the millennials and the Gen Z. Taking inspiration from that, Pranav Sapra created an Instagram profile for his mum. Through the account this mum holds placards giving desi mom advises. She basically sends out messages that most people hear routinely from their mothers.

The page now has 86.9k followers and this mother is loved by all her follower bachas!

Some pieces of advice!

Mother With A Sign initially just posted Desi Mom Advice that we all have grown up listening to and listen to even now. But as the page started growing, she started covering varied and trending topics with a desi mother’s reaction to that. She basically shows various shades of our own mothers. Here are some words of wisdom and shades of desi moms represented by her.

The Typical Desi Mom

Something that we all hear every winters

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Every other night

Gentle reminders

A Little Collaboration

Everyday every time!

Sarcastic piece of advice

Something on spending time with parents


Words Of Wisdom

Corona Advice

Why is Mother With A Sign So famous?

You must wonder why a mother holding signs and giving advice has become so famous? Like isn’t this a very common thing? Well, this ‘common thing’ is the very reason why Poonam Sapra is so popular. The relatability in her content is what connects with people.

Pranav Sapra in an interview with ScoopWhoop said ‘I was a rebel as a teenager and never listened to what my mom had to say. Now when I realise that it was all for my good, I thought of conveying this to others too. And no other platform could be better than Instagram. Kids generally do not listen to their parents in real life, but they might pay attention if their parents say the same things on Instagram.’

So if you are also hit by quarantine blues, I recommend you visit this page. Trust me after reading a post by this mom, you will miss your mum and her Desi Advice. Indeed this OG Instagram mom is not just a mom to Pranav Sapra but also to her 86.9k followers bachas!

Picture credits: Instagram

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