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Prachi Srivastava

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Interior Enthusiast | Listen to podcast- https://open.spotify.com/show/1nrjsuBIZW34Cs5mBQlyFu Follow on Instagram @closettocurtains

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Don't Let Society Stop You From Wearing That Neon Dress, Girl!
Don’t Let Society Stop You From Wearing That Neon Dress, Girl!

People say neon colours are hard-to-pull-off and are inappropriate, but I believe, slight neon drives a long way. Neon colours categorically offer an eccentric, cheerful appearance and can make any ensemble interesting.

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5 Essential Self-Care Tips For Freelance Writers To Avoid Fatigue

Writing is an isolated and sometimes mind-numbing job. You need to take care of yourself appropriately otherwise, there are chances that you may experience tiredness and fatigue.

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post COVID complications
My Grandma Recovered, But Succumbed To Post COVID Complications!

My grandma battled the virus for more than a month and came home recovered, but succumbed to post COVID complications. Trying to make sense of it.

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Rock The Monochrome Trend This Season With These 3 Easy Ways!

The monochrome trend is here to stay and I am definitely happy about it! Here are 3 tips that'll help you rock the trend!

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Black Mambas
Black Mambas… The World’s 1st All-Women Anti-Poaching Commando Squad

Meet the Black Mambas. An all-women commando squad from Africa, who work to crack down on animal poaching in the wild. 

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Can Men Truly Be Feminist? Let’s Examine This Closely!

Can men be feminist? Individual men can of course, honestly support the rights of women; nonetheless, men as a group benefit from the privileges that patriarchy gives them, says this author. 

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negative body image
4 Things I Followed While Overcoming My Negative Body Image

A negative body image is more a function of how you feel about yourself. That can certainly change with some effort, as this woman found out.

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