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International mother language day
I’m Glad On International Mother Language Day Yesterday, I Could Lead My Child To Ours

We cannot force a language on our child. But we can make it easy for our child to be convinced to speak it, learn it, like it, love it.

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2 Things On Indian Screens That Need Change: Silence On Sexuality And Glorifying Misogyny

Indian popular media like movies cannot abdicate responsibility of creating more sensitive and mindful cinema if we are to decrease crime against women. What tests can we apply?

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The Doctors Forbade Me To Dance, But I’ve Invented A New Dance Form

After a severe knee injury, Kathak dancer Sumana Das was forbidden to dance but she continues to follow her passion for dance using an innovation, 'the chair dance'.

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This Holiday Season, Let These 10 Indian Decor Bloggers Inspire Your Home Makeover
Indian decor bloggers

Want to make your home a beautiful place that feels comfortable and welcoming? Here's help. Check out these Indian decor bloggers, who could give you some great ideas to play with.

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The #MeToo Movement Is Powering Women To Throw Off The Veil Of Patriarchy

If you've been asking why women are reporting sexual harassment "only now", it's time to open your eyes. Sexual harassment at work has always existed, a truth that women know.

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11 Dandiya And Garba Songs To Rock The Dance Floor This Navratri!

Dance practice is about to begin everywhere! Here are 11 sizzling Dandiya songs with dance steps to nail any Dandiya night's dance floor. 

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