7 Ways Traditional Indian Embroideries Can Empower Women Artisans

Income through traditional Indian embroideries has empowered women to invest in education, for themselves and for their children as well.

In the vibrant tapestry of India’s cultural heritage, traditional Indian embroideries have always played an integral part. Beyond their aesthetic allure, these intricate needlework techniques have emerged as powerful agents of change and empowerment for women across the country.

Finding self-reliance through traditional Indian embroidery

Since ages, traditional embroideries have not only conserved the Indian craft traditions but have also become a source of skill development, economic independence, and social revolution. It would not be incorrect to say that these age-old art forms always have and are still shaping a brighter future for innumerable women in India.

Preserving cultural heritage

Traditional Indian embroideries are living evidence of the rich and cultural diversity of India. From the stunning Zardozi and Chikankari of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh to traditional Kasuti work practiced in the state of Karnataka; each region has its exceptional style. These techniques are passed from generation to generation which further empower women to preserve their cultural identity while also contributing to the communal heritage of India.

Skill development and employment

In rural areas, a large part of the population mainly women generate income from traditional embroidery skills. Various organizations and associations often impart training to local women in embroidery skills, enabling them to provide support to their families and invest in their children\’s education, breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.

Empowering rural artisans

In regions like Cherrapunjee in Meghalaya and Kutch in Gujarat, women artisans have developed their embroidery skills to craft spectacular pieces of art, from apparel to home décor. Moreover, the revival of traditional embroideries like Khneng and Toda embroidery has imbibed new life into various marginalized artisan communities resulting in more financial independence, increased self-esteem, and robust voices within their communities.

Empowering entrepreneurship

Many women in India have turned their embroidery skills into successful entrepreneurial projects of designing, creating, and selling their embroidered products. This not only augments their income but also fosters their creative talents, letting them expand their unique artistic visions. Also, the rise of social media and e-commerce platforms has given them a solid base to promote their products globally, forming a wider customer segment from the comfort of their home; offering them financial stability and freedom.

Promoting gender equality and education

The significant participation of women in the embroidery trade has questioned typical gender norms and customs. As women are becoming wage earners, their parts within their families and even within society have become more valued and equal. The income earned through traditional embroidery has empowered women to invest in education, not only for themselves but for their children as well. Undoubtedly, traditional Indian embroideries are bridging the gender gap in an otherwise conventional patriarchal society.

Traditional Indian embroideries – sustainable craft giving voice to women

Traditional Indian embroideries have exceeded their part as sheer crafts; whether it is economic independence, skill development, or gender equality; the mild threads of Indian embroideries have paved a strong way for Indian women. Today, these women are not only weaving beautiful art forms  but have also become the writers of their tales of empowerment and success.

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