Hooded Gowns- The Breakout Trend Ruling Red Carpet 2023

During recent years, there have been frequent fashion trends grabbing massive eyeballs on major red carpets—from oversized velvet sleeves, asymmetrical necklines, and dramatic ruffles to bold neons. And if you are a fashion junkie like me, the probability is that you have seen the striking style trend of the 2023– Hooded Gown.

 The Resurgence of Hooded Gown 

Hooded gowns serve as a symbol of women’s empowerment due to their historical association with academia and the pursuit of knowledge. When women wear hooded gowns, especially during graduation ceremonies, it represents their access to education, breaking barriers, and celebrating their achievements in traditionally male-dominated fields, promoting gender equality and empowerment.

In the fashion industry the hooded gown was introduced as a runway show stopper outfit in 1969, by Yves Saint Laurent. It gained accolades again in the 80s when the avant-garde Grace Jones starred as May Day in the Bond movie A View To A Kill. The style diva has often snapped with hooded wear for a long period afterward. Today these gowns have re-emerged as the main fashion trend of 2023. More recently, we spotted Anne Hathaway in an outstanding silver and gold Versace hooded gown for the launch of Bulgari’s Mediterranea high-end jewelry collection in Italy. Alessandra Ambrosio glittering in a classic Elie Saab haute couture gown at The Cannes Film Festival 2023 along with, Mrunal Thakur in a customized embellished patchwork hooded dress by Anamika Khanna. Also, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s must-talked-about Cannes outfit by Label Sophie Couture has leveled up the game for hooded gowns in the long haul.

Undoubtedly, the hooded gown trend is an audacious and a frontward choice for actresses looking to make an exceptional and edgy style statement that is sure to turn heads.

 A Perfect Balance of Style and Utility

Whether it is a soft and subtle lace, or a well-designed, embellished hood; the mysterious silhouette instantaneously uplifts any outfit. The stylish appeal allows actresses to represent their persona and unique fashion sense. Moreover, the hood serves the utility aspect as well. The additional element of layering safeguards against diverse weather conditions and various circumstances. This utilitarian factor offers a supplementary characteristic to celeb’s red-carpet appearances, allowing them to impeccably maneuver many events and public appearances.

Free-spirited Adaptability

The alluring hood is a versatile piece. It can be all decked up and tailor-made in numerous distinctive ways accordingly. Artists or celebrities can fluently make a changeover from a delicate and graceful formal look to an enigmatic casual demeanor with the swap of the hood. This remarkable factor of hooded gowns ultimately allows actresses to fascinate the audience and grasp their attention during any event.

The Talent Showcase

From unique draping patterns, and exclusive fabric textures, to rich embroidery techniques, various elements can be incorporated to craft an elegant hooded silhouette and cherished red-carpet moments. As a result, for various major fashion brands and gen-next designers, hooded gowns have become an exclusive ‘piece of work’ to represent their talent and creativity.

More Than a Passing Fad

The trend of donning hooded gowns on the red carpet and other major events has undeniably had a substantial influence on the fashion arena; globally. With their charming and mysterious appeal, practicality along the prospect of showcasing creativity, the hooded gowns can be considered as a topmost pick for celebrities on the red carpet; recently. Hope to witness more of the allure in the future as well. As of now, going ga-ga over this ‘glamourous silhouette. What is your take?

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