Don’t Let Society Stop You From Wearing That Neon Dress, Girl!

People say neon colours are hard-to-pull-off and are inappropriate, but I believe, slight neon drives a long way. Neon colours categorically offer an eccentric, cheerful appearance and can make any ensemble interesting.

People say neon colours are hard-to-pull-off and are inappropriate, but I believe, slight neon drives a long way. Neon colours categorically offer an eccentric, cheerful appearance and can make any ensemble interesting.

Moreover, it is courageous, lively, and lovely, so unequivocally everything goes with it. Energetic yellows, purples, neon pink, greens, blues, and stimulating orange are the impeccable shades if you desired to garb somewhat that create waves.

A ground-breaking trend

When the neon trend first appeared on the fashion forefront in the 1980s, it was considered a sartorial and rebellious statement. Though in recent years, these electrifying hues are ruling the fashion vanguard. Major brands like Prada, and Balenciaga, to celebrities including Hailey Bieber and, of course, Kim Kardashian; are donning this versatile trend.

It is a pioneering trend that takes an innovative incarnation every year, and this year is not unlike it. Yet again, the resurgence of neon is all about exuding extravagant elaborateness and simplicity at the same time, both in a balanced way.

Let your neon do the talking

Wearing neon colours is not as complicated as you might contemplate, and it can make for a complete head-turner fashion moment. Nevertheless, going off-beam with neon is far easier than getting it right, again; because of its ability to grab eyeballs.

But does that mean you should not be a part of this ‘neon-craze’ and play safe with this fashion movement! Of course not!

Do not be petrified to be your personal guru. Just follow these easy styling tips and carry neon like a pro.

Choose a specific neon shade

First things first, neon is a tricky shade to balance, therefore try and explore your preference. You should shop for such vibrant hues according to your skin tone; as every shade of neon does not match every skin tone.

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For example, on lovely brown Indian skin lime green, fuchsia pink, or bright orange is suitable while people with lighter skin colour, should preferably stick to vivacious blues. Though there is no hard and fast rule, mix and matching will show the colour which is best for you.

Keep It simple

If you are new to the ‘neon trend;’ try experimenting with one bold colour at a time, on one outfit. Whether it is a top, a jacket, or bottoms, make that one element the exponent of your attire.

You can team it up with neutral tones such as cream, beige, or white. On the contrary, you can always have the option to pair neon with black to make that ultimate fashion statement.

Monochrome Magic

An unpretentious monochrome look from head to toe will give your personality that audacious yet graceful appearance.

Try Neon separates or that sizzling proud-and-loud evening wear in neon yellow, to make a maximalist impression. A decent lip balm and worn-out-back hair will mark fashionable effortlessness.

If Monochromes are not your thing, invest in some cool neon knits. They are the coolest shortcut to staying stylish and an impeccably hands-on asset this season.

Potential prints

Combining neons with definitive prints like plaid/tartans, polkas, etc is an excellent option to achieve that balanced yet glamorous look

Try accessories

Still not convinced about the neon trend, try accessories like neon green shoes, sneakers, and belts apply neon nail polish, take out that stole or those earrings in zesty, vibrant neons from your closet for that stunning look. A clutch or a medium-sized, purse is flawless for beautifying self-coloured attire.

I always find neon as my go-to thing when I want to create a look that is stylish yet at ease. And last, but by no standards the least, neon is all about having fun, so do not forget to play it up as you, please!

Image source: From Vogue India March 2020, edited on CanvaPro

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