Kanye West – The Epitome Of A Toxic Man

If you have followed Kanye West even for a little bit, you know that he has mistreated women in his own life. Such men feel that women are inferior and do not need to be respected.

Kanye West has made the headlines recently for his divorce with Kim Kardashian. However, his behaviour towards her and her new beau, Pete Davidson, is receiving major backlash from fans and critics alike. He has a slew of personality traits that make him toxic, terrifying and abusive. Here’s why you should be wary of men like Kanye.

Disclaimer: I watched the final three seasons of Keeping up with the Kardashians, so that you don’t have to. Yes, it was a painful experience. I will never watch it again.  

Secondly, I don’t like Kim Kardashian and her entire family, (yes, including Caitlyn) and I think that they are horrid examples for young women. I will address everything wrong with the Kardashians in a separate article. 

Now, coming to Kanye West.

Kanye West is one of the most revered hip-hop artists and Grammy winner. He’s also a self-titled fashionista, designer, and producer. He’s also Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband. I would like to outline three major traits that I have observed about this man, which I have observed in other disrespectful men. These personality traits are emblematic of men who are emotionally abusive, toxic, dangerous and must be avoided at all costs.

Belligerent, emotionally unstable and impossible to work with

You all must have come across such men at work or in your family. Yes, West is just like them.

West has always had an awful, entitled and pompous personality. He has a history of having multiple meltdowns in public. This includes both online and during live TV. For example, insulting other artists on Twitter, having unreasonable Twitter spats with late talk show night host, Jimmy Kimmel and demanding that Mark Zuckerberg give him $80 million dollars, as West was going bankrupt. We have seen it all. Yes, he has a terrible personality. He is notorious for disrespecting his staff, other artists and being insufferable to work with, despite being talented.

Industry insiders say he’s verbally abusive, with a superiority complex, and the fact that he compared himself to Jesus and has used the variation of the name for his shoe brand is proof of his messiah complex.

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He has mental health issues, but refuses help

West has mental health issues, but refuses to work on improving it or treating him, despite being able to afford the best of psychiatrists.

Coming to his mental health, most media outlets attribute his declining mental health to the death of his mother in the early 2000s. Since his personal tragedy, the world has witnessed many episodes of his failing mental health.  From supporting controversial President Donald Trump, announcing his own presidential run in 2020, moving from state to state on a whim, and making incendiary statements like: ‘Slavery was a choice’, is proof enough that West has to undergo psychiatric treatment. Kardashian revealed that West has bipolar disorder and was not consuming his prescribed medication.

History of misogyny, and does not consider himself one

If you have followed West even for a little bit, you know that he has mistreated women in his own life. Such men feel that women are inferior and do not need to be respected. They will build castles in the air and go to any extent to get women to submit to their whim.

West is most famous for interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV music awards in 2009. He mentioned how he believed another artist’s music video was the best, obviously humiliating Swift. He even wrote sexist, disparaging lyrics in his song ‘Famous’ about Swift and his ex, Amber Rose. This behaviour was not limited to other women. During his presidential campaign, West revealed that Kim considered aborting their first child North West, through abortion pills. Not only did he disrespect his ex-wife, he disrespected his child, who would obviously be hurt. Abortion is a very difficult and personal choice for women, and disclosing such personal information obviously caused turmoil in his marital life.  He has clearly disrespected his partner and he focussed only on his pain and his feelings. He’s very selfish and self-centered.

After his divorce was announced, West started dating a couple of women. But when Kardashian began a relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, West went berserk. He began accusing Kardashian of being a bad parent to North West, as she let the eight-year-old be on Titok (the same child West revealed that his wife wanted to abort, but Kim is bad parent here). The former Mrs. West defended herself actions, stating the platform brought their child joy.

West has constantly accused Kardashian of keeping their children away from him. He even accused her of using Black men to be relevant. Yes, Kardashian has a history of dating Black men, but she uses her platform to support prison reform (this means to reduce long sentences for people of colour in American prisons). Irrespective of her reason for doing this, she is the mother of four Black kids, and is finally doing something good for a change.

Secondly, he used his ex-girlfriend, Julia Fox, to make Kardashian jealous. Unable to accept that his wife has moved on, he made great displays of affection with Fox on social media. Showering her with lavish gifts and appearing with her in public on numerous occasions.  His ego is so fragile, that he dated a woman to win back his ex-wife. He has gone as far as to publicly humiliate Kardashian’s beau, constantly and intentionally addressing him by an incorrect name. He has cajoled his ex-wife multiple times online, resulting in her unfollowing him and pleading with him to stop instigating his fans against her current man. West is yet to reform his behaviour, as he still leaks private messages that he exchanged with his former partner every now and then.

Kardashian is at her wits end and has had a breakdown on her show thanks to West. She confessed to trying to make her failing marriage work, but could take no more. She had no choice but to separate from the man. Personally, I think she did the right thing.

Men like West should be shunned by society

When they were married, West often came across as overbearing, rude and insensitive towards his spouse. He has mocked all her family members, been unapologetic in his behaviour and doesn’t seem to comprehend that he has done something wrong. Whenever someone points out his mistakes, he acts like a triggered snowflake and a child throwing tantrums. When he married Kardashian, he was all praises and conveniently forgot that she was married, now he’s humiliating her for it. He’s acting like a a boy that throws his toy around, who treats it the way he wants to. When the child is bored of the toy, he discards it. But when somebody else wants to play with that toy, the child goes berserk. West did the same, when he sent a truckload of flowers to Kardashian, after her date with Davidson. Who does that? Gross. Get the hint West, she doesn’t want you back. Do you need her to spell it out? But he’s so thick-headed, he still wouldn’t believe it.

In conclusion, such men hold their partner emotionally hostage, and but when their partner moves on, they can’t handle it. Typical childish attitude. It’s not just Kardashian, even I’m fed up and irked by his behaviour. A word of advice to women who are forced to live, work and be around such men. Just treat them like their invisible, they aren’t worth your attention. Everything is done for the theatrics and your attention. They will never change and they will never treat you right. Ever.


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