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difficult conversations at work
5 Key Guidelines For Difficult Conversations, Especially At Work

Difficult conversations are bound to happen in any relationship, personal or at work. Here's how to make them healthy and effective.

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Lawyers Do Need To Be Tough And Decisive — Pupil Barrister, Oishee Dey

Successful lawyers need to deal with people from all walks of life and stay persuasive and calm even when things aren't going their way.

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5 Easy Ways For Your Children To Excel In Maths Through Fun And Games!

The manner in which the subject is taught - through conventional education methods, which many students quote as ‘boring and trite’ – contributes to children's dislike of maths.

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We Are Humans Too!— Nurses Are Still Fighting the Good Fight.

During the pandemic, Becky was unable to see and spend time with family. It was quite an exhausting and challenging time for her and other nurses.

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50 is never too late!
50 Is Never Too Late! Meet Radhika Mohan, Founder of Mrs. Chutney

Meet Radhika Mohan who proves that age is no barrier when it comes to entrepreneurship. Her Mrs. Chutney brand is helping customers relish their childhood food memories.

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Why I Think Deepika Is Gutsy For Playing Alisha in Gehraiyaan, Complete With The Much Discussed ‘Revealing Clothes’

The criticism for Gehraiyaan has irked many women, and given incels, moral policers, and envious trolls the opportunity to harass an actress who has finally played the most realistic character in her career. 

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Her Highness Kangana Ranaut And LockUpp! Thank God It’s Over!

The Queen gives her opinion about these secrets and compliments the contestant for staying strong. I'm sorry, I know that you host the show, but I'm pretty sure that your opinion is not welcome by all.

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I’ve Defended Her Earlier, But After Watching “I, Me, Myself” Queen Ranaut On Lock Upp, I’m Done!

Reality show Lock Upp is intended to simulate staying in an Indian prison. The tagline of 'Atyachari Khel' seems applicable not only to contestants, but also the viewers.

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Kanye West – The Epitome Of A Toxic Man

If you have followed Kanye West even for a little bit, you know that he has mistreated women in his own life. Such men feel that women are inferior and do not need to be respected.

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women's voices
Why Don’t Women Have The Freedom Of Political Speech & Trolled Brutally For Speaking Up?

Women, please have an opinion on politics and express it, even if everybody else disagrees with you. Because the political is very closely tied up with the personal.

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Shruthi Mohan
How 23y.o. Shruthi Mohan Balances A Musical Career With Being A Full Time CA Student

Shruthi Mohan is a singer with a classical background, and does stage shows. She is also a full time student doing her CA. How does she balance the two?

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Meet Aarya Ganesan – The 19 yo. Creating Musical Waves At Berklee!

Ever wondered what it is like to actually pursue a career in music? Well, Aarya Ganesan is the person to know of. Read on to know more!

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7 Reasons Why Kashish from Kahiin to Hoga Was The Woman To Follow

Kashish from Kahiin Toh Hoga may have been called several names, but she was inherently a good human. Here are seven lessons you can learn from her!

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I decided, Why Be Anything Else When You Can Be An Alpha Woman?

Be a horse in a world full of donkeys, says this author, who was labeled an alpha woman and bitch for speaking her mind. Here is how she learnt not to care 

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All Hail Patriarchy: How Sexism Affects Men In the Asian Society

Does sexism affect only women or are men also a prey to the patriarchy that has been lobbed upon us since our childhood?

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Why We Need More Strong Female Characters Like Prerna Of Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Years after it ended, Prerna of Kasautii Zindagii Kay is a character many viewers still remember. Here is why she resonated with many of us.

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Top 4 Parenting Mistakes Indian Parents Must Watch Out For

Everyone loves their child. But there are some things Indian parents often do that are huge mistakes; we need to actively watch out against these.

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Why We Should Stop Hating Kangana Ranaut For Fighting With Justin Rao

Kangana Ranaut could have handled journalist Justin Rao's question much better; yet, the outrage against a woman without an industry godfather feels selective, says this author. 

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Busting 3 Myths About Single Mothers; So Dear Haters, Can You Please Treat Them With Some Respect?

"Even if your life is not easy, single moms certainly have it tougher. You don’t know what its like, so don’t judge them," says the author in a hard-hitting post.

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Dear Roadies (And Especially Neha Dhupia), Your Hypocrisy Is Showing

A recent episode of the popular Roadies show had male contestants being mocked for expressing their feelings. We need to stop telling men that crying is weak. 

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3 ‘Taboo’ Conversations Every Mother (Dads Too?) Must Have With A Daughter

Sex, sexuality, dating in their teens. Yes, I know I've raised a few hackles by listing these 'taboo' topics, but that won't erase the fact that these are a part of your child's life. Talk to them.

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Indian education
Here’s How Your Children’s Creativity Is Being Crippled By The Indian Education System

Prof. Shekar, who teaches at IIM-Bangalore, says a change in the Indian education system is needed if we are to help our children's creativity to bloom to it's full potential. 

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Sanjana Ramesh
Sanjana Ramesh, India’s Under-16 Basketball Team Captain Is Aiming To Shoot At The Glass Ceiling

Women have broken the glass ceiling in the world of sports, and Sanjana Ramesh, the captain of the Under-16 Indian Women's Basketball team, wants to continue doing this.

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Want To Be A Beauty Blogger? Neha Aggarwal Gives Us The Inside Story

With beauty blogging picking up as a potential career, we talk to blogger Nega Aggarwal on what the life of a beauty blogger is like, and how she perceives the glut of products available today.

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Writing a novel a cathartic and challenging experience, be prepared!
5 Reasons Why Writing A Novel Is Frustrating Yet Therapeutic

Writing a novel is not easy, and the process can exhaust you physically and emotionally. As someone who has self-published a novel, I can safely say that it challenges your ability as a writer and a woman.

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How I Left My Cheating Husband And Became A Professor In A Country New To Me!

This woman divorced her cheating husband after many months of being taken for granted and made her own life in a country foreign to her. Read on.

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Why The Struggles Of African Women Are Not Very Different From Their Indian Counterparts

How do social conditions for African women compare with those for Indian women? Very similar, as this writer found out, while also busting some myths.

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Meet Russian Tech Reporter Darya Luganskaya Who Demonstrates That Tech Reporting Isn’t A Man’s Field

Darya Luganskaya did not begin her career as a tech reporter, but has nonetheless achieved success with both Russian and English publications. Her story.

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British Muslim Women Wearing The Hijab In Public Can Be At Risk, But Many Say It Is Their Choice

Muslim women wearing the hijab in Britain, mainland Europe and the US can be in danger. Here's a personal account from a British Muslim woman.

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The Privileges Of Being A Woman In The Nordic Countries

A take on the progressive feminist outlook in Nordic countries, making it a tempting possibility for relocation.

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If Only I Had Been Firm And Refused To Get Married Into This Family! Now Divorce Is My Only Option

"Neha refuses to stay married to her husband. She is ready to be a single mother and raise her daughter by herself." Do read this account of a strong woman.

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Why Women Cheat. Hint: Closely Tied To What Women Want!

Why women cheat is not such a mystery if you really look at the dynamics of their relationships, and realize that women want just one thing above everything else - love.

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Women No Longer Care Much About Prescribed Body Sizes And Shapes, Which Is A Welcome Trend

Women the world over have been embracing bodily imperfections as many no longer care about fitting in, and prefer to celebrate their unique selves.

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Here’s Why I Believe K-Pop Should Be Banned

K-Pop or Korean Pop music is taking the world by storm, including India. But K-Pop objectifies and sexualises women, making it harder for women to overcome gender stereotypes.    

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