Why We Need More Strong Female Characters Like Prerna Of Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Years after it ended, Prerna of Kasautii Zindagii Kay is a character many viewers still remember. Here is why she resonated with many of us.

Years after it ended, Prerna of Kasautii Zindagii Kay is a character many viewers still remember. Here is why she resonated with many of us.

Alright, the only reason I watched a few episodes of the Kasautii Zindagii Kay reboot was the presence of my long time TV crush, Karan Singh Grover. What a mistake that was. Besides the bad acting, terrible casting and over- the-top set design, Erica Fernandes has not done one bit of justice to Shweta Tiwari’s iconic role.

There is a reason KZK ran for eight years and has a cult following that led to a reboot. Yes, the love triangle between Anurag Basu, Prerna Sharma and Rishabh Bajaj had a lot to do with it, but clearly, Prerna stole the show.

Here are four reasons why we need more women like Prerna Sharma on Indian television:

Prerna did not change her tough attitude for anyone

No matter what challenge or obstacle life threw at Prerna Sharma, she never lost her spunk. She never changed for anyone, including the two men she dearly loved.

Prerna became Prerna Bajaj and Prerna Basu, but she did not stop being the strong, independent, talented journalist, loving mother, and fiercely loyal lover that she was. She stood up to both her lovers, without hesitation, made logical and legitimate arguments and did not fear in the face of the tsunamis she faced in her life, until her death.

She is a true warrior for women

When Prerna’s son-in-law (played by Karan Singh Grover in Season 1), rapes Mukti (her driver’s daughter), Prerna fights the backlash and supports the victim. Everyone, including her husband, daughter and extended family abandon and ostracise her for this. But she ends up exposing her son-in-law’s string of rape victims, making everyone who doubted her, ashamed of themselves. She proved the victim’s innocence despite the character assassination that took place in court.

Prerna avoided ruining Anurag’s marriage with all his three wives (excluding herself), and tried to help all three of them in one way or another, during times of great need. Even when they have  nothing but hatred for her.

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She stands up for what is right

Prerna does not hesitate in disciplining her own children and correcting her lovers. This woman has beaten up her own son with a cane, to mend his demonic behaviour, and corrected her daughter and step-children at various times. She loves them to death, like every mother, but unlike helicopter parents, she does not hold back when it comes to berating her kids for their mistakes and only wants the best for them.

She has reasoned with both her lovers, tries to rectify their mistakes and challenged them whenever they were wrong. She is decisive, a good judge of character and stands by her beliefs, even if it means losing everyone she adores.

Prerna is a real, raw character

Everyone related to Prerna has hurt, rebuked, misjudged and misunderstood her at some point of time in her life. She has dealt with the hatred, ire and scorn of every character in the TV show, just like all women do in the real world.

Despite being manhandled, being labelled an ‘adulterous woman’, ‘irresponsible mother’ and a liar (which is clearly not the case) she did not budge. She was steady as a rock and stood by her decisions.

Her pain of losing two of her children, her desperate attempt to save her daughter from a deadly disease, and her attempt to take care of everyone in her life proved to me that she is like every Indian women who tries her best to care for everyone.

Just like most other Indian woman, she is never thanked, loved or treated with respect by both the men in her life, or her children.

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