Rock The Monochrome Trend This Season With These 3 Easy Ways!

The monochrome trend is here to stay and I am definitely happy about it! Here are 3 tips that'll help you rock the trend!

The monochrome trend is here to stay and I am definitely happy about it! Here are 3 tips that’ll help you rock the trend!

I used to think that the ‘monochrome look’ was something you wore when you were too lazy to get dressed up. And I believed it was a prerequisite when you were having one of those, ‘closet-full-of-options-but-nothing-to-wear’ days.

Then I realized, it was not just a requirement on my lazy days but somehow, I just love the solid monochrome trend. It took me some time and a lot of patience to find out my monochrome style. Now, I just can’t tell you guys, how much I love the trend and just how confident it makes me feel.

Often, people get confused talking about monochromatic outfits as they think it’s a very dull, boring and vague concept. But actually, a monochromatic outfit is an unadorned, plain yet a very fresh style.

To be precise, a monochromatic outfit is a composition of garments of a single colour. Well, that does not mean that you must wear only one hue from head to toe every time. It means you should experiment with various tints and shades of identical colour.

If done properly, a monochromatic look can be as flattering as a statement LBD. You instantaneously look so elegant and stylish without any effort and in no time. So, let’s check out various ways to rock the interesting monochrome trend:

Rock the monochrome trend by choosing the correct hues

This is the easiest way to create a perfect monochrome look. You can never go wrong with colours such as white, black or red. Wear matching sets in identical colours and you are all set to rock the monochrome trend.

You can go for vibrant hues like yellow or try pastels and nude peaches in summers. Meanwhile, winter calls for opulent, rich tones such as emerald green and ruby red.

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Take a look at how you can rock the monochrome trend as Sonam Kapoor has!

Play with tints and shades

Another option is to co-ordinate the garment pieces from the same colour family. Well, the pieces don’t have to be of the precise identical shade. Try to play with the tints and shades of the same colour family.

For example, team up a light blue casual top with a sapphire blue skirt. The variation of blue colour will help you achieve the perfect monochrome look.

Here’s how you can use shades of the same colour and rock this trend!

monochrome trend

Try different textures and patterns:

Textures and patterns play an integral role in creating a perfect monochromatic outfit. Experiment with different textures in the same hue to achieve that stable monochromatic colour scheme.

You can combine pieces with various textures to make a complete outfit. Different textures add dimensions and complexity to your outfit and makes your overall look visually interesting.

Texture combinations such as silk and suede, contrasting knits and satin, sequins and chiffon, wool and denim are interesting options. Similarly, you can also add any interesting pattern suitable to your colour palette.

For example, a printed stole works well with solid monochromes and will add that extra dash of fun to your outfit. It’s all about finding out what suits you best.

Here’s how you can combine two different textures and still look awesome in the monochrome trend!

monochrome trend

The best part of experimenting with monochromatic colour scheme is that it usually works with practically any colour- red, blue, green, violet, pink, yellow. You name it and you have it.

There is no reason to not to give this trend a try this season. Just look for the colour and outfit combinations which work for you and practically unleash the best in you. Well, a shiny black silk skirt and a sober knitted black turtleneck is my favourite option to go with. What’s your style?

Picture credits: Still from the Instagram handles of Sonam Kapoor, Rakul Preet Singh, Ananya Panday and Sanya Irani.

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