Anushka Sharma Told To Have “Etiquette And Politeness” By Man Who Litters

Actor Anushka Sharma was at the receiving end of numerous trolls and internet memes when she stopped a man from throwing litter on the road. Seriously?

Actor Anushka Sharma was at the receiving end of numerous trolls and internet memes when she stopped a man from throwing litter on the road. Seriously?

It is a fact universally acknowledged that if women have to voice their opinion or make themselves heard, they are expected to follow a certain ‘decorum’, unlike men who have the unsolicited license to be ‘loud’ and brazen.

This goes for even women who have made a mark of their own in their respective fields. Anushka Sharma, needs no introduction as she is one of the top actors of Bollywood and also the wife of Indian Skipper Virat Kohli.

The duo came in the limelight and became a prey to numerous internet memes after an incident that took place a couple of days ago. It so happened that while in her car on a busy road, Anushka Sharma spotted a man littering the road and she immediately pulled over and admonished the man saying, “Why are you throwing garbage on the road? Don’t throw garbage on the road. Please be careful. Use a dustbin.

Virat Kohli captured this incident on his phone and shared it on twitter. The moment the post was shared, it went viral and there was a deluge of tweets from twitteratis. While a lot of them applauded the actor for doing the right thing, there were many who trolled her and a series of memes were posted.

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Anushka Sharma was associated with the ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyan’ which was launched in 2014 to create awareness about the importance of cleanliness.

To add to the already hyped up issue, the man in question (the one who was told by the actor not to litter), came out on Facebook accusing the actor of ‘ranting and yelling like a crazy roadside person’. The man in question Arhhan Singh was later supported by his mother who posted a long post on Instagram questioning the actor’s stance and her anger of defaming her son for ‘cheap publicity stunt’.

Now, what is bizarre here is that if you see the video, it is pretty much evident that the actor is not at all ‘yelling like a crazy person’, she is merely being firm in voicing what she deems to be the right thing to do. Is it too difficult to understand that firstly, she was in her car in the middle of a busy road, she had to be a little loud so that the guy could hear her. Secondly, she was not going to smile and tell a guy not to throw litter on the road.

It does not come as a surprise that she was trolled and shamed by the people at large. Anushka acted like a responsible citizen and to even think that the power couple did this for publicity is preposterous.

The point here is that a woman has to be ultra polite if she wants to say anything which is of importance. And if God forbid, she comes across as firm , she is called out as having no ‘ettiquette’. When will the society accept strong, opinionated power women who want to bring about a positive change? It is high time they do!

Header Image is a still from the movie NH10

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