Short Stories & Poetry
Duryodhana… Your Villain, But My Hero

His brothers and friend Karna covered for him, as they fought my father’s soldiers. As for him, he took off with me in his chariot. And I don’t know why, I was bowled over.

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We Were Only 11, BFF, But Her Chachu’s Strange New Game Felt All Wrong!

It felt wrong, the game felt wrong. As wrong as stealing from Daddy. Perhaps worse than that. But Nidhi was doing it, what excuse did I have not to do it.

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You Don’t Have To Become LIKE A Man, You Are Enough Just As You!

She was asked to remove her shirt and walk across the atrium as a part of the ragging exercise infront of the entire batch of seniors. Well if you wish to stand at par with the boys, you might match your actions as well.

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What Use Was Anger To Her Now? She’d Always Known Only Men Could Afford To Get Angry!

She had known all her life that righteous anger is a male prerogative, not meant for women. As a girl, she was told to keep her eyes down and voice lowered. She was never given what she wanted, was always handed over what was conveniently available.

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I’m Your Soul And You My Soulmate; Anything You Suffer Will Make Me Suffer Too!

He recoiled for a second, but was too quick to hold us back from the escape. He looked around and found a bottle with some label on it. 

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Which Legacy Will He Carry Forward?

But I needed him to change his mind. I still loved him, see? And I owed it to you to make that effort. Still believing I could save my marriage, I called Jack’s sister. But what Leda told me, shocked me even more.

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