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Short Stories & Poetry
Maybe Mothers Are The Only Ones Who Know Us Better Than Ourselves

I had been so caught up in my complex relationship with my father, which had been contentious even at the best of times, that I hadn’t realized how well she knew and understood me.

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If There’s One Thing We Inherit From Our Mothers, It’s Certainly Their Madness

And it was so easy to blame her for anything that went wrong. She was the one 'responsible' for the mess in my life and in all our lives. Expected to darn all those dirty holes in there.

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‘Is My Marriage Worth It If It Puts So Much Pressure On My Mental And Emotional Health?’

She can't be so weak now, she has the moral responsibility of showing her daughter to be strong, to stand up for what she wants and she won't let her down!

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Was It Dida’s Day Today? Or Just Another Day To Forget

When she looked at her seventy nine years in the mirror, what did she see? Who was the old woman who looked back at her?

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My Husband And I, Maid For Each Other In Our Lockdown Kitchen

After a quick look up for the recipe in Google, out came the onions, ginger, and garlic and all other weapons to start the ordeal of the day.

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‘Dear Mishti,’ How Writing Letters To My Granddaughter Helped Me Cope With The Lockdown

Time for all of us to live in the present and be grateful to the small joys of life. A new normal awaits us. We need to be resilient and embrace it.

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