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Two Lives, Lost And Found: What Did They Mean To Each Other?

They had chosen the village as their impenetrable refuge- Malar from her broken relationship, and Madhavi from the war. Each of them meant the world to the other: a mother, sister, daughter and all. She started packing her bags. As she went around collecting her books that lay scattered across the floor, she caught a […]

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The Empty Nest

A poignant poem about a mother whose children have grown up and flown the nest.

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All Along, I Knew Marriage Was Not My Cup Of Tea

I was a fiercely self-reliant soul, and I did not see myself living in harmony with a stranger that I had never met until a year before we were destined to live our lives together. Yet, I obliged.

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A Place Where My Forgotten Dreams Reside

Stress can be a real monster that sucks everything from your life, but letting the light in can guide you to a place of peace, freedom, and dreams.

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You’re Definitely The ‘Conductor’ Of Your Life!

College was something she wanted to avoid today after yesterday’s humiliation but that place was also her only hope to participate in the fest somehow.

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अग्नि सी पावन

"अग्नि रूपी चमक जितनी कंगन और श्रृंगार में है, उतना ही ज़ोर आज इनके आत्मविश्वास की धार में है" - सिमित दायरों में बंधी नारी की आशाओं और आत्मविश्वास का एक परिचय।

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