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#PeriodAtWork  Women Inmates Undergo Poor Menstrual Hygiene
How Women Jail Inmates Are Regularly Deprived Of Sanitary Products & Menstrual Hygiene

“Ma’am, I saw.” Seven-year-old Bhuvana spoke from the crowd of children who were gathered together by their class teacher in order to find who tore the attendance register. The class monitor, Manish said that it was Swapna, and two of his friends confirmed his answer. Poor Swapna was already in tears. But now Bhuvana’s answer […]

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And That’s How Maya Broke The Silence Around Periods At Work!

As months passed, Maya saw a transformation in the workplace. Women no longer suffered in silence. Instead, they were supported, understood, and empowered.

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My Baby Just Turned 3 Months, I Resumed Work… And A Pregnancy Scare!

Maybe I am pregnant again, and I will have no face to show and I will be fired from this high paying job. A sad end to my career.

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When Princess Diana Descended Into My Living Room…

“Trust me, being a princess isn’t all it's cracked up to be”, she retorted. “I suffered too. I had bulimia. I was body shamed too. It is exhausting; it is exhausting even for a princess, honey”

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Anjali’s Choice
Anjali’s Choice

She looked at her watch and scoffed. He still had no idea what she wanted and probably never would; since the past two years it was the same thing. Every day.  Every evening.

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The Girl Who Showed Me Kindness In A Strange New Office

Meeting a friend didn't solve all her problems, of course, but with a roof over her and a compassionate friend by her side, the other fights became easier.

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