Short Stories & Poetry
It Was Just Their Everyday Mouthful Of The Sky…

Daane daanne pe likha hai khane wale ka naam. While making the halwa, Kajri had wished she could take it for her children. Maybe madam will give me leftovers.

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On Falling In Love With My “Imperfect Self”

Body shaming can shred a woman's self-esteem and scar her for life. There is nothing more liberating than loving yourself as you are. Love your 'imperfect selves'.

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When All You Could Do Is Flee…A Story Of Two Women

The story of two women, from polar opposite ends of a social issue spectrum, trying to build their lives with what they have.

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Discovering Love In My Own, Unique Way

"What is love?" is not the question that you ask, because there is no single definition for it. Every one of us perceives it differently, and it is different things for each one of us.

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Real Women’s Empowerment Can Only Happen Through Sisterhood

What I heard sent shivers down my spine. If not for this woman, my life would have turned into the worst.

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You Are One Hell Of A Woman, And Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise!

Kritika told him everything that had happened during the day, her thoughts, her guilt, her feelings.

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