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Social Issues
The Heartbreaking Moment I Realised My Feminist Father Had Also Internalised Patriarchy

At that moment I realised that my father is as fallible as any other human being and a victim of internalised patriarchy, and even he has a few things that he needs to work on and evolve.

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I Love Reading A Book Near The Window With A Mug Of Cold Coffee…After Marriage & Kids This Has Become My Guilty Pleasure No. 1!
guilty pleasures

Men's lives remain unchanged after marriage & babies. Women too need to indulge in their guilty pleasures minus the guilt!

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Women Police Allegedly Brutalise AISA Women Protesters, Injure Private Parts. Where Are Our Sensitivity Protocols?

We need better sensitivity training of policewomen to follow protocols for tackling women. Policewomen cannot use sexual assault and gender based violence to tackle women protestors.

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Netflix Series Maid: Emotional Domestic Abuse Isn’t Recognised Unless There Are Visible Injuries!

Netflix's web series Maid presents the story of Alex, who fights her way out of an abusive relationship, something all too familiar even in the Indian context... 

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In My California Odia Community 2 Women Performed Durga Puja, Breaking Monopoly of Male Priests!
durga puja

I take great pride in teaching about goddess Durga in California. I’ve noticed male artists make the goddess idols & male priests monopolize Durga puja. It's good to see a flicker of change!

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When Age-Old Customs Are Broken, Especially By A Celebrity, I Can Only Applaud & Appreciate Them!

Traditions and age-old customs give a unique identity to each culture and should be preserved. But when they are insensitive and impractical, shouldn't we do away or at least change them?

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