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Where Will We Find Ourselves Going Once The Pandemic Is Over… An Impossible Dream?

Where we once lived in a global community where our family and friends were just a drive away or a flight away, now it seems like an impossible dream...

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Illegal ‘Adoption’ Rackets Target Kids Orphaned Due To COVID In India
covid orphans

There are many tweets and other messages doing the rounds on 'adopting' kids orphaned as both parents die of COVID. This 'adoption' is illegal, with even traffickers exploiting the situation.

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Oh, The Humanity! What This Oxygen Shortage Reveals About Our ‘System’

Using elections, citizens sanction politicians to act in our best interests. However, the current deaths caused by lack of oxygen, reveal their utter lack of accountability to us.

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NRI Women Helplessly Agonize Over Loved Ones At Home Facing The COVID Tsunami

How are we NRIs dealing with the COVID crisis our loved ones in India are being engulfed by? Praying helplessly, and hoping that our families are spared...

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My Domestic Help Has Taught Her 13yo Son To Cook, Just In Case Of COVID…

She tells me about the money she has saved for medical emergencies that might crop up, and to keep her salary on hold. She has also prepared her 13-year old boy, taught him to cook, just in case.

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The Myth Of ‘Hardy’ Domestic Helpers & Labourers Who ‘Have Good Immunity’
myth of the healthy poor

This whole idea that the 'poor are healthy' is nothing but a privileged myth. It is a convenient excuse to keep them deprived and breaking their backs to suit our needs.

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