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Uyare Shows The Violence Women Face, But Also The Courage Of Those Who Fight On

Not many Indian movies deal with women and their need for self-actualisation. Uyare is a movie that deals with a sensitive topic in a beautiful manner. 

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5 Ways To Stay Sane While Dealing With A Narcissistic Mother-In-Law
narcissistic mother-in-law

Do you believe that you are dealing with a narcissistic mother-in-law? Here are five signs that she is narcissist and five ways to deal with her.

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Why You Must Eat Your Favorite Cake Right Away, And Not ‘Save’ It For A Special Occasion

I learnt the hard way that we need to live our happiness now, that every day is speacial, and every moment an occasion to celebrate.

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Trolls On The Internet, Everything You Need To Know!

From a troll in the dungeon to trolls on our screens, trolls sure have evolved. Here's everything you need to know about online trolls and how to deal with them

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Who Killed Beauty Blogger Amna Atiq?

Amna Atiq, a well known beauty blogger, was trapped in a domestically violent marriage, and pushed back into it by a father more concerned about his 'social image'. 

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“Oh! You Don’t Have A Son? Why Don’t You Have A Son?”

The author has two beautiful daughters and yet is asked about not having a son. That she doesn't want one, isn't enough. Here is why she has no son. 

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