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Palak Tiwari
Shweta Tiwari’s Daughter Palak Speaks Of The (Usually Ignored & Hidden) Verbal Abuse By Stepdad

Domestic abuse is not always physical or sexual, it is also psychological and verbal. Palak Tiwari's Instagram post goes on to show that.

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My God, Your God, OMG! A Timely Reminder To Remember Our Oneness

This author says it's time to remember that religion was created to help people move closer to God - not to demonise or attack each other. 

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When People Compliment Me For Looking Younger, I Am Not Amused

As we age, women are either 'consoled' for growing older, or reassured that they still 'look young'. But what is so awful about the accumulated experience of life?

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And I Realised That Minimalism Is Not Just Decluttering, It’s A Way Of Life

Minimalism isn’t about punishing myself for owning things; it is having the consciousness that my happiness isn’t determined by my material wealth.

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It’s 2019, But Most Indians Remain The Educated Illiterate, With 19th Century Mindsets!
educated illiterate

Education is getting better, but our minds still remain illiterate; look at the number of highly educated young men looking for a sanskaari bride who will 'take care' of everything.

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Whether You Are For Or Against Removing Article 370, The Consequences Are Going To Be Challenging

Some us are cheering the removal of Article 370, while others are against it. The author says we will all have to live with the weighty consequences of the decision.

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