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The Grey Men Who Have Preyed On Women All Their Lives

Have you ever met elderly men who feel 'like a father'? Until their hands make a move in the wrong direction? This is a story of realising that people have many grey shades to them, beyond what is immediately visible.

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When Cricket As Usual Is More Important Than Calling Out Sexual Violence

The Chennai Super Kings did not find it problematic that Scott Kuggeleijn has been accused of rape, and faced a trial that revealed many disturbing things. Can men say any more clearly, women, you don't matter?

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How Did The Dehradun Boys Decide That Extreme Violence Against Another Child Was Acceptable?

A horrific incident in a school in Ranipokhari, Dehradun involving the brutal torture and murder of a child is painfully telling of the apathy, disrespect, and callousness that we as a society have become capable of.

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Killed For The Sake Of Dowry, Tushara’s Story Is Still The Story Of Many Indian Women

In a distressing piece of recent news, a young woman was found tortured to death, in a small town of Kerala. Her natal family had not been allowed to meet her for some time - why is that considered 'normal' in India?

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Dear Parents, We Are Tired Of Hearing, “You Have Reached That Ideal Age – Get Married!”

For every woman just stepping out of her teens, and entering her twenties, there is always a marriage clock that ticks right above her head. Can we ask parents to let us be true selves and not 'ideal' templates?

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The #MeToo Movement Is Not Fodder For Cheap Jokes To Bring You Higher TRPs

A recent talent show on television mined the #MeToo movement for the sake of a 'prank', making light of the very real experiences of harassment that women and girls everywhere go through.

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