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“How Old Are You?” Will You Answer This, Ladies? This Twitter Thread Reveals A Lot!

A popular stereotype about women is that they don’t like to reveal their age, but is that true? Or is it sexism and ageism that make them think twice about answering?

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Can People Stop Glamouring Violence Against Women, Even If It’s ‘Just For Tiktok’?

A recent Tiktok video showed a man 'punishing' a woman for ending a relationship - perpetuating the belief that rebellious women need to be 'shown their place'.

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When You Are A Meat Eating Woman In India!

In a country that has a majority of meat eaters, it’s high time we stop policing food choices and stop perpetuating food stereotypes. Especially if they are gender based, like "women are usually vegetarian".

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4 Important Steps To Stop Exam Fever From Taking Over Your Child’s Mind

Exam fever is a very real thing, and its effects can range from anxiety to depression, panic attacks, and in some tragic cases, students ending their own lives. It's time to have an honest conversation. 

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Bravo Bethune College For Introducing Humanity as a Religion Option!
Bethune College

Kolkata's historic Bethune College now offers 'Humanity' as an option for religion in its admission form. A welcome move in this country!

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Dr Payal’s Suicide Shows Us That The Caste System Is A Cancer Indian Doctors Need To Eradicate

Doctors understand early on that under our skin, all of us have the same blood, organs, and skeletons. Why, then, do Indian doctors continue a belief in the caste system?

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