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I’m A Mother Trying To Raise My Twins So One Day, We Live In A World Without Anymore Nirbhayas

The 2012 Delhi gang-rape shook the nation to its core and had mothers worrying about their daughters. Who will bring about a change, asks this mother. 

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Seema Samridhi Fought All Odds To Become The Woman Who Got Nirbhaya The Justice She Deserved

What drives Seema Samridhi, the lawyer who fought to bring justice to Jyoti Singh Pandey's family? Here's her inspiring story. 

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Global Lockdown Could Threaten Girl Child Education Severely, Warns UNESCO

The closing of schools will affect especially girl child education in the poorest countries around the world, many of whom already struggle to go to school.

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Enough Of Women Empowerment, I Say! Here’s Why Our Men Need To Be Empowered

While empowering women, we need to make sure that our men are empowered too. Don't they need to be self-dependent and self-reliant as well?

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Why I Hate Posts About LEARNING During Lockdown

Let us take cue from the situation and slow down. Why this rush to 'learn' and 'update' oneself? Why can't we just BE for once?

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In These Uncertain Times, Kerala Has A New Initiative To Help Women De-stress

As the nation is under lockdown, women face a lot of stress thanks to the amount of work. However, a new initiative in Kerala is a step to some relief.

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