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New Trend Of Porn Searches Of The Hyderabad Rape – WHAT Is Wrong With People?!

As if the Hyderabad rape wasn't brutal and horrifying enough, a new trend of people looking for videos of the rape has surfaced. Just how monstrous can we get?

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At 77, Happily Unmarried Asha Parekh Proves That Marriage Isn’t A Woman’s Ultimate Goal

With the wedding season going on in full swing, actor Asha Parekh candidly spoke about her decision to stay unmarried. That is why she is an inspiration!

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‘Log Kya Kahenge?’ Why Practically Everyone Is A Conspirator Of Silence

Conspiracy of silence- when people agree to keep mum about uncomfortable topics. From domestic violence to sexual abuse, aren't we all conspirators?

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As Long As Rape Is Treated As Just Sexual Desire, The Problem Will Persist

The focus on safety measures, and considering rapists as 'oversexed' men, is utterly wrong. It's important to treat rape as a crime of power and eradicate its very roots.

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Ostracising Anyone Infected With HIV Only Reveals Your Own Ignorance And Cruelty

1st December is World AIDS Day. Let's try and deconstruct our cruel and vindictive behaviour towards those who are infected by HIV and continue to suffer in silence.

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Dear Misogynists Of India, I Wish You A Women Free World

No woman deserves to be harassed or slapped or insulted, to be denied her freedom, to be to be stopped from following her heart, to be raped. Misogynists, you don't deserve women. 

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