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Why Is Name Change A Must After Marriage? She Has Her Own

Why do people want to try and get a young bride to change her name, wishes, identity, and mould herself into someone they want her to be?

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Sabarimala U-Turn: Devaswom Commissioner Decides To ‘Allow’ All Women, Chief Priest Protests
Sabarimala U-turn

The whole Sabarimala drama has now taken a U-Turn, and the Travancore Devaswom Board will now be honouring the SC verdict allowing all women entry into the temple. What's happening?

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Mumbai’s Once Famous Public Transport System Has Failed Women & Those Disabled

Mumbai's public transport system has deteriorated so much in terms of the infrastructure and the crowds, and regular commutes have become a nightmare for women and for those with a disability!

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प्रथा के नाम पर लड़कियों के स्तनों को जला डालना,ताकि कोई उन्हे रेप न करे

ब्रेस्ट आयरनिंग - लड़कियों की 'सुरक्षा' के नाम पर उनके स्तनों को जला डालना! हाँ, यह भयंकर रिवाज आज भी कायम है| जानिए प्रथा के नाम पर होने वाले एक और शोषण के बारे में| 

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These Missing Girls Of South India Are A New, Disturbing Trend

Following upon the heels of northern states like Haryana and Punjab, now the sex ratio is skewed against the girls of the southern Indian states too. A worrying development.

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They Did Not Deserve Her, Not After Wishing Her Life Away!

She cried in the labour room because she had given birth to a daughter. She cried again after she gave birth to her second child, a boy. Because now she would no longer have to face their taunts.

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