8 Indian Short Films That Unpack What Feminism Is All About. Do You Know Of Any Others?

India's International Short Film Festival begins tomorrow, 16th September, in Mumbai. Here are 10 Indian short films with a feminist voice you must watch.

Here are 8 Indian short films with a feminist voice you must watch – from women’s daily lives to larger struggles, they grab your attention.

They say often small things can have unconventional impact. There are a plethora of Indian short films, ads, portals etc. which aim to bring awareness to, and combat the struggles faced by Indian women in everyday life due to gender discrimination. The reach of these Indian short films and ads can certainly help spreading the message of feminism.

Here are some amazing Indian short films that are a must watch.

That Day After Everyday

Brain child of genius Anurag Kashyap, this Indian short film has a lingering effect. Women everyday face conflicts and suppression at domestic level, and then are harassed outside in the world. For how long will this testing of their patience and silence continue?

We are humans too and deserve respect and privacy! “Jis din hum apne andar ke darr ko mita denge, us din hum taiyyar ho jayenge!”

Khaney Mein Kya Hai

Don’t go by the mundane name of the film. Watch it for a crisp and exciting story line. Very subtly and lightly it touches upon the biggest taboo of our society – women having an opinion about sex.

What makes it funky and funny is how the girl draws simple comparisons between food and sex and how, women too, can have a say in their bedroom life. Gone are the days when only males could have preferences and women simply had to adhere to them. Sex can be interactive and communicative. Imagine what would it be like if making love was similar to making spicy choley?!

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Ek Dopahar

It’s a very famous saying in India, “Ek aurat hi dusri aurat ki dushman hoti hai!” But isn’t it wrong to stereotype women like this? There is so much more to womanhood like compassion, affection, empathy and care. We need to move ahead breaking these stereotypes to feel the true essence of it.

This film, personally my favorite, is about celebrating the spirit of womanhood. Imagine how would it be when she goes on to meet her ex boyfriend and her wife only to realize how it would change her perception. A must watch ladies!!

White Shirt

Often it is believed and seen that women take longer to move out of a relationship. No matter how big a mistake a man makes, a lady is always expected to be kind and large hearted to forgive all his misdoings and accept him without hesitation.

However 21st century girls are not blindly dependent. They know what they want and what their tolerance level is. Beautifully portrayed in this crisp short film.


On every corner of society we see women being treated the way society wants to, be it in movies or songs or in real life. The situation just worsens after she gets married. Suddenly she is presumed to be her husband’s property, to be dealt with in any manner he desires.

Domestic Violence is a grave issue. The situation is such that today, out of 10 women, 2 suffer from it silently. Being screamed and yelled at, and beaten for petty things is just not acceptable. Your children are watching. This needs to stop. What if tomorrow morning your husband hits you for serving his tea 5 minutes late? Think about it.


This movie may not go down well with a lot of people, but what’s remarkable is how the woman stands against all odds, believes in her preferences and doesn’t gets bogged down by what society around has to say.

A woman’s body is her own and for nobody else to rule. What she wears, how she speaks, what she does is her personal matter and people around do not need to validate it. Ever thought how would it be if guys were judged on the basis of their clothes?

The Girl Story

Ever wondered, “kyu ek ladki hi paraya dhan hai?” For ages now, women have been despised and looked down upon. Whenever it comes to preferences of having kids, most couples are still inclined towards having a boy. This eye opening Hindi language Indian short film questions this mentality.

Why is that girls are considered to be a burden for the family and society? Why is it believed that they aren’t strong enough to support themselves and their families? Presented in a very simple and realistic manner, this film shall force you to reconsider your beliefs.

Going Dutch

Since bygone eras, women are taught to be dependent on their male counterparts for not only their financial needs, but also physical and social needs. However, today the scenario has undergone drastic transformation. Women have learnt and decided to educate and become responsible for themselves, they are becoming competent and aware enough of their requirements and aspirations that often tend to hurt the superiority of the alpha males.

Any other Indian short films that you can suggest? We’d love to know.

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